An Overview Of Kool Cream Management

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Ice-creams are considered to be as one of those products that have always fetched attention as well as profitability regardless of the external market conditions or other factors. There may be little ups and downs in its sales due to the fact that it is categorized as a seasonal product, but there are no chances that it can get completely vanished from the market. Ice-creams had been in use since a long time back; only the way of its presentation has altered in accordance with time.

One of the key aspects that play an important role in defining the sales and revenues of an organization like Kool Creams is brand positioning. It helps in further broadening the market scope of the project along with taking the fact that market is composed of a number of competitors into consideration. Kool cream was able to establish such a supreme brand image of its entire product range by ensuring that there is proper level of synchronization between products of the company and the needs of the customers that may arise and change with time. Prime factors that have helped in attaining these targets are Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning.

Positioning Map is sometimes also referred to as the third part of STP analysis. Position Map is fundamentally based over perception and how efficiently product of Kool creams are placed in the market to make sure that there is a positive correlation between all the products, hence result in better market capturing.

Kool cream has always tried to reduce the variability between all its products in order to maintain apposite market captivity, which is its ultimate objective. Also variety of products like ice-creams for health conscious people, diabetic patients along with normal products has helped Kool Creams to achieve this aim of appropriate position map. (Positioning, 2010)

In general diabetic patients are not allowed to eat products like ice-creams, but by product offered by Kool creams, this problem has been sorted out along with making sure that this segment helps in promoting through ‘word of mouth' technique.

It is the first step that involve proper identification of consumer section in order to make sure that implementation of marketing strategies can be justified. Its theme ‘fun outing' for a family also rationalize such a wide existence. Another important factor is that it was one of the initial brands to offer those exotic flavors, which were not at all available in the market. When climatic conditions of UAE were analyzed with respect to the product, it was observed that it was highly suitable for ice-creams due to its high temperature and people prefer to use this product throughout the year.

Main target of Kool creams company are people lying in age range of 6 to 30 years, different educational background, and whose income lie in the section of medium to high. There may be customer beyond these sections also, but these are the main targets of the company that it focuses over.

Two pillars over which entire position of products of Kool cream is based are quality and affordable price. It has also positioned itself as ice-creams also taking care of your health like low calories, special ingredients for diabetic patients, etc. Also people belonging to lower segment of the society are able to enjoy its taste due to its affordable prices. Finally it makes a contribution of about 5% of its profits in social welfare organization for the improvement of the society. It takes into account that families with income above 20,000 dhs per month will be treated as the prime target by the marketing section along with laying more attention towards working women of age between 25 and 35. There was also special consideration towards educated people living in the region as they are more intended to buy the product. (Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning , 2008)

Success of Kool cream is highly decided by the factor of the marketing strategies followed by it along with making an inclusion of all the features that are considered to be as obligatory for its existence. It starts by identification of highly appropriate marketing mix and STP (segmentation, targeting, positioning) strategy that acts as the basic building block for marketing section of Kool cream. These strategies takes factors like demographics, behavior, benefits, and geography that sometimes act positively or negatively for the company. Thus Kool cream has to and to certain extent it has emended its tactics in such a way that it would be able to lure maximum number of people and form a wide customer base.

Other facets like age, sex, general health, income, etc of people should be taken into account for the purpose of proper analysis and explicit identification of the market without which most of the aspect of marketing strategy would have been proven to be as incompetent. Some of the promotional strategies that were followed after making a thorough analysis of the market and various regional activities were,

Also STP states that for maximum use of available opportunities, various Kool cream ice-cream outlets will be established in malls that will serve to most of the premium users that will be coming to the mall along with ensuring that it acts as a publicity campaign without any extra spending on a simultaneous basis.

More features that will be integrated with Kool ice-cream will be sugar free and low calorie ice-cream that has been designed to serve to a major segment of the market that was considered to be ignored for a long time by most of the companies operating in this domain.

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