Analysing the communication process in McDonalds

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I have made a document and analyze the communication process in one of the worlds successful and largest fast food chain, towards the achievement of business goal. I have chosen the organization is McDonalds situated in Manurewa.

Primary data was collected by interviewing the Branch Manager, he is my relative. After the primary research, all the relevant findings were analyzed and evaluated based on the communication theories learned from secondary sources through our textbook, lecturer handouts, online resources and the organization's information resources.

The research draws attention to the importance of these findings on how effective, efficient, accurate and up-to-date these communication processes that shoe great impact on the three levels of communication in the main team namely:

Team Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Organization Communication

Findings showed some communication barriers on each level that hinder the affectivity and efficiency of the communication processes towards the achievement of their Team goals affecting the organizational goal's is well. Though some of the problems were being acted upon promptly, some were not; therefore, I came up with some suggestions that may be helpful to the subject organization towards the achievement of their business goals.

1. Introduction

McDonalds is the one of the leading restaurant chains in the world, touching the lives of people every day. They improved their quality of products and services with the time. In the past McDonalds does not have drive through and 24 hour services. All of them are open for late nights. McDonalds primarily sells hamburgers, cheese burgers, chicken products, French fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milk shakes, and deserts.

2. Interpersonal communication

Interpersonal communication is communication between two people. Some books like to refer to it as face-to-face communication, or communication when people are physically present with each other. In the interpersonal communication, we research on communication between the manager and staff member's and also research the communication between customers and staff.

2.1 Communication between managers and staff members

When we research on McDonalds, it was found that all the restaurant employees are from different countries with different backgrounds. Employees are well educated and experienced. However, there are some drawbacks in the communication between managers and the staff members. This drawback is a language barrier. Because most of the employees have come from different countries, they speak different languages from each other. The meetings conducted at McDonalds involve managers and employees communicating to find out the problems being faced at the department.

2.2 Communication between staff members and customers

In this McDonald, mostly women are in the front and attend the new customers. The woman who is attending customer is very friendly and has good communication. All staff members are trained well before to communicate effectively. To communicate well, it is necessary to talk politely and use gestures to convey meaning. The crew members give customer satisfaction through good customer service

2.3 Communication barriers

There are some barriers in communication between employees and the manager:-

ROLES: Roles are always defined in relationship to someone else and they determine the way you communicate with the other person. In any organisation, information flow depends on good relations of employees. Sometimes employees hide mistakes from manager because of personal relationship then it becomes a barrier in information flow.

STATUS: Status become a barrier in motivation .Some of employees doesn't talk with other because of their status. New employees try to avoid communicate with the manager because of his status.

POWER: Power becomes barrier in motivation and control. An organisation uses communication to motivate the employees. When we communicate, there is often some element of power or control being exercised by one person or the other, or by both. If power is too much used then the communication is frustrating.

MIXED MESSAGES: It becomes a barrier in communication when non verbal communication not matches with verbal message.

3 Organisation communication

In the interview with the manager we asked some general questions about the Mc Donald have to gain some knowledge about the Organisation with in the Mc Donald's. Organisation communication is divided into two major parts which is as follow:-

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