The Effectiveness Of Training Programs Among Employees Management

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The training is an essential program that every organization needs to manage because it is beneficial to the employees in developing their updates skills through the new methodology. The knowledge is given together with handling and analyzing so that they can solve organizational problems effectively. Therefore, it is mentioned that a training method is not an end in itself but a means to accomplish a particular objective. (Shiny P. Kumar, 2009)

Effectiveness means create an expected result. The effectiveness of training is a vital factor within an organization. In processing the effectiveness of training programs will consumes much precious time and resources, but these are in short-term demand and supply in recent organizations. (Shiny P. Kumar, 2009)

Hence, many training programs are unable to achieve the prospective organizational benefits. It can assist to realize where the problem is if having a well-structured measuring system. With a realistic thinking, it is able to show a valid and significant benefit from the training programs to their organization. As a result, the company is essential to have an effective training. (Shiny P. Kumar, 2009)

Besides, it is also noted that the business environment is not standing still. The competitors, technologies, legislations and even regulations will often keep changing. It is being able to estimate the results that will help us adapt to such changing circumstances. (Shiny P. Kumar, 2009)

Problem Statement

Research Question

What is the objective of training? Is it importance of developing a role in training?

What types of training programs that considered in a workplace?

What are the factors that affect the effectiveness of training?

Research Objectives

To identify the objective of training and importance of developing a role in training.

To analysis the different types of training programs in a workplace.

To evaluate the factors that will influence the effectiveness of training.

Chapter 2

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