Applying TQM In Higher Education Institutions

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: A 9 page paper that explores the application of total quality management principles in a hypothetical higher education institution. The writer first provides an overview of Deming's principles, then discusses the problems facing the college of business at a university. A framework is then designed that utilizes the principles. Comments from writers who do not believe TQM can work in this setting are reported along with a dispute of these comments. Bibliography lists 5 sources. PGtqmuni.rtf


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W. Edwards Deming introduce the world to Total Quality Management but what is now well-known is that Deming is not the one who coined that term. Japanese managers did after working with him for many years. Deming actually developed his quality process during the mid-1940s but it was not accepted by American managers. In Japan, Deming found an eager audience in the higher echelons of management. Deming spent years consulting with the Japanese and is given credit for turning their production from very low quality to the high quality for which they have been known for decades. It was not until the 1970s that Americans became interested in Deming's quality processes (Walton, 1986).

Today, Total Quality Management principles are usually associated with the corporate world but they have also been used in the public sector, including higher education institutions. It is difficult, to say the least, to apply Deming's principles in these institutions but it is not impossible. Deming identified 14 points, or principles for management. They are:


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