Success Factors For Customer Satisfaction Management

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Service organizations have begun to focus on the customer perceptions of service quality because it helps in developing strategies that lead to customer satisfaction (Saravanan & Rao, 2007).

After carefully analyzing various research studies carried out so far using the SERVQUAL model, it has been found that many research works have been carried in different service industries using this model.

The importance of services is increasing both nationally and internationally. Today economic conditions make it necessary for all organizations to review and tightly control costs and expenditures. Different strategies exist to reach success and the delivery of high service quality is crucial mostly during times of intensive competition. The intensified focus has made quality as a business objective where SQ is a key success factor that can bring significant strategic advantages (Erstad, 2001). Many conceptual and empirical studies have been made in terms of SQ and the findings revealed that quality has positive implications for an organization's competitive and performance position.


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