Business Factors That Underpin Human Resource Planning Commerce

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In actuality, CLT Software has to develop its business and human resource management because the company aims at the marketing expansion and needs well-qualified employees, especially technical engineers to improve consistently the business development of the company. In such a situation, the improvement of the recruitment process can contribute to the consistent improvement of the professional level of employees hired by the company. The latter is particularly important in relation to technical engineers, whose qualification is crucial for outcomes of their work. In such a situation, CLT Software should pay a lot of attention to employees the company hires and to the recruitment process in particular. In this regard, the company may vulnerable to the impact of the highly competitive environment, in which technical engineers can choose the company where they like to work. In addition, rivals of CLT Software have problems with employment of well-qualified technical engineers. Therefore, the company should be able to attract technical engineers, who have the high qualification and can work in the company effectively. At this point, the organisational culture and cultural background of applicants willing to work CLT Software should match.

In such a context, the qualification of applicants is the crucial factor that determines choices being made by the company. To put it more precisely, the company should be able to assess accurately the qualification of employees they hire. In this regard, CVs and interview of applicants are apparently not enough.

Furthermore, along with the qualification, employees hired by the company should match the organisational culture. What is meant here is the fact that applicants may have different cultural background and experience. They could work in organisations with a different management style. Nevertheless, as they come to CLT Software, they should come prepared to work in the organizational culture that exists within the company and they should accept this organizational culture. The company, in its turn, should facilitate the integration of new employees in the organizational structure.

The human resource plan for the organisation

In such a situation, CLT Software should elaborate the human resource plan that can help to reach positive outcomes in the recruitment of new professionals. First, the company needs to conduct the detailed study of needs of the company. After that, CLT Software should focus on the elaboration of major criteria new employees should meet. In this regard, the major criteria for new employees should be their high qualification, extensive experience of work, the high level of professional knowledge, skills and abilities. In addition, new employees should be able to find their place and integrate into the organizational structure and accept the existing organizational culture. In this regard, new employees should be tolerant and be able to learn and change.

As the major requirements are defined the major requirements are defined, CLT Software should focus on the recruitment of employees proper. The process of recruitment should include several stages. First, the applicants should provide the company with their CVs. On studying CVs of applicants, CLT Software should choose the most appropriate ones to conduct interviews with them. Interviews comprise the second stage, when human resource managers can make notes concerning applicants. After interviews, the information collected should be processed and the most prospective applicants should pass professional tests to check their qualification; problem solving situations. In such a way, the company will be able to define the qualification and the level of professional development of applicants. Finally, CLT Software should conduct ppsychological tests to reveal whether applicants are able to find their place in the company and whether they are able to integrate into the organisational structure and culture or, probably, they are likely to drop out in the nearest future because of their rigidity or inability to adapt to changes and communicate with other people effectively.

After the tests, applicants can be employed in the company but CLT Software should establish a month to three month period in the course of which the qualification of the new employee is tested and his or her ability to integrate into the organizational structure and culture is verified. As the test term passes and the employee succeeds, then he or she can become a member of CLT Software’s team.

Evaluation of how the human resource plan can contribute to meeting the organization’s objectives

The aforementioned plan contributes to the careful selection of employees on the ground of their qualification and ability to match the organisational requirements. In addition, the human resource plan suggested above helps to reveal whether new employees can adapt to the new workplace environment or they will just drop out of CLT Software. Therefore, the human resource plan will provide the organization with the possibility to employ well-qualified professionals, who will work in the company for a long time.

The purpose of human resource management policies in the organization

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that the major purpose of CLT Software in regard to its human resource management is to breed loyal employees, who have the high qualification. In addition, the company attempts to prevent the problem of the personnel turnover. Thus, the company can maximize the effectiveness of its human resource management that will lay the foundation for a long-run, steady growth of the company and expansion of its market.

The impact of regulatory requirements on human resource policies in an organization

Regulatory requirements can make human resource management a bit rigid. On the other hand, the regulatory requirements raise barriers to prevent the access of low-qualified employees to the company. In addition, through the regulatory requirements the company can employ only those professionals, who can afford working in the specific organisational culture of CLT Software.

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