Human Resources Management Referring To Practices Commerce

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'Human resource management refers to the practices and polices you need to carry out the people or personnel aspects of your management job.' (Dressler, 1997:2)

'Human resource management is the human side of enterprises and the factors that determine their relationship with their employers.' (Hannagan, 2005)

These three definitions are given by trained people who have been studying this field for a long time and they are experts in human resource management, but I would like to give my own definition. In my opinion, human resource management is a strategic way of achieving the business objectives and the satisfaction of the employees.

Human resource management can be seen in two different forms. The first one is as an academic discourse and activity which is covered in books, journals, conferences and so on, and the second one is the practice in organisations.

The management process includes five basic functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. All managers should perform these basic functions. The basis of management activity is human resource management and the purpose is to make things happen in a productive way in order to make the business prosper; human resource management is not the basis of all business activity. The most important thing that everyone must understand is that human resource management is a particular approach to the management of people which is different from personnel management.

Due to many changes that have occurred in the last years such as technical advances, global competition, deregulation and so on, many organisations have not survived. In these uncertain times, the future belongs to those managers who can manage change the best. One important factor in managing change is to have committed employees who would do the job the best they can.

Human resource management plays an important role in managing an organisation. One important role is to identify and satisfy customer's needs. This could be achieved by giving the employees the power to take more and more decisions in order to respond quickly to the customer's needs. The purpose of this is to make employees understand what they need to do best their jobs and to serve best their customers. But if we want this to come true, we need to have committed and motivated employees. In an organisation based on human resource management, having the heart and the mind of their employees rather than their hands is an essential step in the growth of the organisation and also to its prosperity. Another important tool in managing an organisation is knowledge. If the organisation is formed from knowledge workers and business managers, the company could have a great benefit through this.

The most important role, that human resource management has, is that all the needs, the voice and the concerns of the employees are made heard. Due to these things, employees would feel valued and would have a sense of pride for working in the organisation. Human resources are based on the employee's intellect, creativeness and dedication.

Another role of human resource management is to make a connection between the people processes and the goals of the business in order to create a sense of meaning in and out of the company. A human resource professional should act like a performance consultant and also as a counsellor to the staff. Human resource management encourages participation and this is a best way for employees to prove themselves that they can do better and they can also be appreciated by their employers due to their efforts and achievements. Human resource management understands the importance of Internet and globalization in the new economy and its role in this change are to help the organisation to integrate all these changes. Due to all these changes employees have to be trained in order to achieve the maximum of efficiency and this is another role of the human resource management in which the human resource professionals prove themselves how important are they in the organisation.

Human resource management is important because it places employees in the heart of the company and it is always based on their needs and wants in order to make them happy and achieve good results. As regard employees, human resource management trains and develop their skills so that they could achieve the maximum of efficiency.

Indeed, the role of human resource management has changed. In the past, human resources were associated with personnel and administration, but, nowadays, this has changed and it is seen in three different ways. The role of a human resource professional in a successful organisation is as a strategic partner, a change mentor and an employee sponsor. A human resource professional is always involved in the development and the accomplishment of the business plan and objectives which is made in the role of a strategic partner. In the role of change mentor, it has to be made a connection between change and the strategic needs of the organisation and this will minimize the employees' dissatisfaction and will make them more strong and resistant to change. Finally, the role of employee sponsor is to make an attractive work environment in which employees feel motivated, part of the team and the most important of all is that they feel happy.

As regards the importance of a human resource manager, is reliable in unfavourable conditions, takes good strategic decisions and always finds a way to keep the organisation at float.

In the report The role of HR in uncertain times, it is analysed the role of a human resource manager in an organisation and its importance. As the report says, there are different opinions regarding this but all lead to the same thing and that is the important place that human resource management has in an organisation. As regards the report, there are some major findings. First of all, human resources have a big challenge and that is to match itself with the needs of the organisation. Second of all, people who work in the human resources function have different opinions and perspectives than those working in the organisation and their job regards the strategies and goals of human resources. In this case human resource respondents have different opinions that the non-HR respondents because the non-HR respondents do not understand exactly the purpose of a human resource department. Third of all, it seems like human resources has a priority like all the rest of the departments in a company and that priority is performance management. While some respondents say that performance management is a priority, others say that it should be adopted as a priority. These are also diverging opinions and perspective. And last, the survey says that to have a 'boosting productivity without increasing costs' we have to implement a programme for employee development and to improve the processes.

To draw a conclusion, human resource management is the best way to manage people well. A human resource professional helps the company in new and innovative ways. The report results showed that human resource management plays an important role in an organisation but it still does not have recognised all its contributions and accomplishments, and human resources has to be seen as a strategic partner. Due to the current financial climate, human resources have the opportunity to show its value by making important contributions to the company.

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