The Purpose Of A Job Description Commerce

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Job description is written document which is included duties, responsibilities, commitments and output from that particular position and also essential educational, professional, and work experiences of the candidates.

General Job description is derived from job analysis and it will give clear concept of competences (knowledge, skills and attitude) which directed to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. General Job description is also identified thorough job specification, rules and regulation of the organization, tools and required equipment and to build positive relationship with other co-workers.

A proper written detailed job description which guides to employee his/her position where he feel himself to be fitted in the department of the overall organization. Well written detail job description is also helping the employee to understand the limits of his personal responsibilities and departmental identifications. General Job description is a guidance book for a new employee in the organization which helps him/her to be a successful member of the team.

General Job description is playing a vital role to find and hire the shining star, most reliable, competent, multi skilled employee.

General Job description is varying from organization to organization, from department to department and position to position. Most of the small organization needs employee and manager to cover the maximum work function in organization to achieve the organizational goals. Therefore, in the small organization, job description documents containing more responsibilities which compare to a job description of a big organization.

In UK organization, employers and employees need to have a clear concept of expectation for the job and job description is playing an important role to fulfill the requirement of the organization.

Components of General Job Description

General Job description is written statement which improves an organization's ability to manage employee and their behavior to align them in to the company's vision which elaborates the:

Duties of the job

Job responsibilities

Clear picture and role of that particular position

The most required specification to meet the standard of the position

Profile of the candidate which includes educational and experience background of the candidate

Building positive relationship with co-workers and specified values needed to organization.

Personal philosophy on work ethics

What employer expect from the employee

Measurement of job performance

Daily routine work

Guidance to prevent from dispute and discipline issues

Future training and development programmed

Clear picture of organizational structure, policies, work procedure, internal and external relationship with co-workers.

Team player within the team

Motivation and enthusiasm

Devoted in his attitude

Hardworking and loyal with organization

Honesty and trustworthy

Punctuality and continuous job attendant

Productivity and managing total quality

Responsible and result oriented

Company rules and regulations

Goal oriented

Alignment on company vision and mission

Flexible for changes & adoptable in any situation



Following General Job Description in a hotel based in London, for the position of Night Manager.

My Home Systems Ltd are looking for a friendly and highly organized administrator assistant to help with the day-to-day tasks in the business

Administrative Assistant - Vauxhall, London


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