What Is An Organization Chart Commerce

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It divides the power of the staff in a business. For example, in Curtin Sarawak Malaysia Organization Chart, the highest position is Sarawak Campus Council. This shows that Sarawak Campus Council holds the most power in Curtin and has the authority to control the business way that excepted. As they assess factors to determine the structure of the organization chart such as the mission. Curtin's mission is 'To deliver one of the finest and most successful alumni program in the country.' So based upon this, Curtin much have an efficient way to achieve this mission. Curtin departmentalizes all the staff in their areas of specialization. It will increase the efficiency of Curtin, as the skills will be maintained and improved by all the staff if they stick to one area.

Functional structure of a short stature is appropriate or medium-sized companies, because if this structure is used in large enterprises it will become more complex. The most common structure found within organizations, functional structure include of units or departmental groups, such as engineering, development, marketing, finance, sales or human resources that are controlled from the top level of management. The functional structure was designed on the concept of highly specialized and efficient control of high yield. A functional structure is also means by that relationship between group functions and activities determine authority. By using functional structure, the advantage is all the staff can be well trained to specialize in their own department. Due to the staff focusing on their area, they knowledge and skills increase with an added bonus of a competent business towards that particular area.

Divisional structure is the most effective variety of products that are linked with the poor large companies. Divisional structure further broken down into three sub-types which are product structure, market structure, and geographic structure. It is also able to respond quickly to external changes in the divisional structure best to suit for highly competitive external environment. Divisional structure can be flexible and responsive to change, because each unit focuses on its own environment. Internal coordination between the different purposes from a single division of the benefits of functional because each division is a self-contained unit, responsibility and accountability for the performance is easier to target.

Matrix structure is an attempt to merge the advantages of the pure functional structure and the product organizational structure. This form for the same company, such as construction, that is 'project-driven'. The term 'matrix' is derived from the representative diagram of a matrix management system, which resembles a rectangular array of functions and product or group project. In a matrix structure organization, each project manager will directly report to the vice president and the general report. Directly to the Vice President and General Manager report. Since each project represents a potential profit centre. The power and authority used by the project manager come directly from the general manager.

Finance Department

Definition, duties and responsibilities of finance departments.

A corporate Finance Department is responsible for the organization's responsibility for financial and accounting matters, including the preparation and presentation of appropriate accounts, and provides financial information for managers. The main areas covered by the financial department include: Book keeping procedures, Creating a balance sheet and profit and loss account, providing management information, management of wages, and raising of finance.

Book keeping area is to keep the purchase records and business sales as well as capital spending. All the records nowadays are usually stored in a computer files. However, they still use the term ledger entries to refer to the days when all the financial transactions were carefully recorded in thick book (ledgers).

Creating a balance sheet and profit and loss account area. Financial statements must be generated for a given time interval, for example at the end of each year. From the general ledger entries in a spreadsheet created in the year-end balance sheet shows assets and liabilities of the business. In addition, purchasing and sales records are totaled up to create a Profit and Loss account.

Providing management information area. Managers need to keep the financial information to enable them to make better decisions. For example, how much money they want information about how to produce a particular product or service, to assess how much to produce, and whether it may be more worthy of switching to alternative products.

Management of wages area. The wages section of the department will be responsible for calculating employee wages and salaries and income tax and national insurance organization responsible for collecting the Inland Revenue.

Raising of finance area. Technical details of the financial sector will also be responsible for corporate finance to improve. For example, through loans and the repayment of interest on that finance. In addition, it will oversee the payment of dividends to shareholders.

Marketing Department

Definition, duties and responsibilities of marketing department.

Marketing Department is a department that controls a set of a process creation, communicating, and to provide value and benefit management organizations and stakeholders to set customer relations. They also plan to execute the concept, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. In marketing department, they have to remember about the important four basic components of the 4P which are product, promotion, price and place.

For product, the department has to order goods or services that consumer need or want. They also need to order new products from the factory to keep up with competitors or other companies.

For pricing, every product has their own price. So they must choose the best price or fair price to sell their products. Basically, the price is based on the value of the product, marketing costs, operation and management. High price product is only attractive when the quality of the product is also high.

For place, it refers to the distribution. This does not mean that the product sales place. It means that, placed in a retail store such as appropriate exports. They must get the products from the producer and sell it to the consumers.

For promotion, the most important tools are advertising, personal selling, sales promotions, publicity and public relations. For this case, the most important role is communication skills and the information of the products.

Human Resources Department

Definition, duties and responsibilities of human resources department.

Human Resource department is the department that organizations to support the best goals of the organizing people. Human resource department also ensures that the relationships of the employees are good. Usually, departments are organized by functions such as human resources, marketing, management and sales. This department is also training new staff to give them the use of their work as quickly as possible. They will also control the company wage and make sure that the employees get the salary that they deserve. They will list out the worker's name that they employed and show that how much earned by each workers. In addition, the human resource function services to ensure the company's mission, vision, values or gilding principles, the company's targets, and continue toward success, guiding the company optimized. When administrators announced that they are lack of staff, they will begin to looking for workers and the employment of staff, until they have enough staff. Other than that, they must also ensure that the staffs are satisfied that what the company offered. In conclusion, human resource department is linked to Admin department on hiring.


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