Knowledge Management For Todays Competitive Company Commerce

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Due to the explosion of information and knowledge as fast as today, the world is becoming ever more flat in the environment of international integration. Values, advantages and competitive strengths of each organization have gradually changed. The era of information technology and knowledge-based economy has actually shaped. Knowledge plays an extremely important role in contributing to all the achievements and progress of the human civilization. It became a most valuable resource for companies in the rise of the "new economy". It serves as a background for detecting, articulating possible courses of action, and for judging whether courses of action in all areas of science, economics, culture. In this context, knowing how to use knowledge as an important tool in shaping the company's ability to create and maintain their competition became a central question in management research. Therefore, knowledge management was born to solve knowledge problems and to helps the manager to do better management.

This essay will discuss about knowledge and knowledge management, as well as the role of knowledge management in the company. Also, through using the Wiig knowledge management cycle in order to explain how knowledge management helps the managers in the company.

Apple Corps Ltd. - one of the world's most popular companies is an example of knowledge management in action to improve service delivery and facilitate the rapid deployment of new technology.


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