The Differences Between Recruitment And Selection Commerce

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Every Company in the world knows the important of recruitment step in increasing the performance of the company and increasing the productivity of the products. In this part of the project we will mention some important point about the importance of recruitment step in any organization:

It helps organization by found of the need of requirements by job analysis activities and personnel planning.

To collect many of job candidates with less cost.

It helps to organize application by divided them by under qualified or overqualified, to increase the possibility of increasing and choosing the success person to the right place.

Employing new and better qualified staff often the only effective long-term strategy for improving operational performance.

Capabilities and commitment of employees ensure an organisation's success.

Raise organizational and individual value in the short term and long term.


Selection is the step that we chose an individual person or group of people from the application to hiring him or them in the organization in placing which fit with their qualification which we mean that hiring is "based on an initial job analysis, the ultimate goal of personnel selection is to ensure an adequate return on investment--in other words, to make sure the productivity of the new hire warrants the costs spent on recruiting and training that hire".


Every company in the world understands that recruitment will not be useful unless it follows with right choosing and selecting people for certain job. That's why selection is very important, we will mention some points reason for selection process; frits we all know that aattracting and selecting the best candidates are not easy tasks - and not a risk-free one. Selection has a great impact on the organization performance and employee cost. Also we can say that Capabilities and commitment of employees ensure an organisation's success. This step is more risky than recruitment because it can chose a wrong person whose cause loss more than benefit when manager become under pressure to fill the position.


We know that recruitment and selection are part from the same phases of employment, each one is complete the other but there are five points different between them:

Recruitment is the first part of the employment phase, which is looking and collecting more than one applicant, the second part of the employment phase is selection which start to look for applicants and evaluate them.

The goal of Recruitment is to create the differentiation and creativity applicants to give the organization more options. The main goal for selection is to choose the best one to fill the position.

Since recruitment searching for more employees to apply for a position, it is consider as a positive process, and the negative process will be in selection since is reducing the applicants to one for each position.

The source of human resources is most important part to recruitment, but in selection the most important part is choosing the person via interviews or through tests.

There no contract between applicant and organization in recruitment process, but there is an signing a contract between an applicant and organization.


Figure (1)

Recruitment and selection phases are the same in each organization, the different is the tools that they use it in each part of the phases, since Etisalat Company understanding that the key for successful recruitment is choosing the right applicants to fill the positions to add or create value to the organization. That's why Etisalat Company use SHL assessments as the real ways to measure, identify, and choose right person.

"SHL's assessment and aptitude tests are the best measurement tools in the world. Access Ability and Access Competency product portfolios are particularly relevant to the Recruitment stage of the employee lifecycle".

Also it helps to find the key kills and qualification that organization need it for specific position and that to make sure the we put the right person in the right place .So we will reach our required with less risk with selection process.



"In 1976, five years after the Trucial States became the United Arab Emirates - a Federation of seven emirates - Emirates Telecommunication Corporation came into being.

Within a short span of just two decades, the Corporation has succeeded in transforming the UAE into one of the most advanced countries in the world in the field of telecommunications by providing advanced, efficient and reliable services.

Businesses use a wide range of state-of-the art services offered by Etisalat. New services are constantly being introduced with existing ones regularly being upgraded - these are all designed with the aim of helping customers to streamline and improve their communication needs, stay productive and compete globally.

Etisalat's network of Satellite, Earth and Coastal stations; landlines covering the length and breadth of the UAE; submarine cable systems, cable ships, optic fiber cables and international projects are all utilised to service the communication needs of its local and international customers."


"Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, also known as Etisalat (former Emirtel), the incumbent telecommunications carrier and Internet Service Provider in the United Arab Emirates human being, organization or other legal person, organization, business, Public company".

Etisalat is a key participant at Connect 2007, the international telecommunications summit being held at the JW Marriot Hotel, Dubai, between 27th and 31st May 2007.

"Etisalat is the largest telecommunications company in the UAE. We connect more than 74 million customers worldwide. The breadth of our career options range from business management and operations to high technology to support and service.

"Etisalat is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and the leading operator in the Middle East and Africa, headquartered in the UAE." (Corporate Profile, 2011)

"Etisalat operates in 18 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, servicing over 100m customers out of a total population of approximately 1.9bn people". (Corporate Profile, 2011)

"In 2009, Etisalat reported annual Net Revenues of AED 30.831billion and Net Profits of AED 8.836 billion marking a 5% and 16% increase respectively, compared to 2008. Etisalat is rated by Moodys' Aa3/ Fitch A+ / S&P AA-." (Corporate Profile, 2011)

"Etisalat is a comprehensive telecommunications provider offering a one-stop shop for mobile and fixed-line voice and data services to individuals, enterprises and international telecommunications companies, ISPs, content providers and mobile operators". (Corporate Profile, 2011)

"It offers a variety of hi-tech complimentary services to the telecommunications industry including managerial and technical training, SIM card manufacturing, payment solutions, clearing house services, peering, voice and data transit, and submarine and land cable services". (Corporate Profile, 2011)

"Etisalat has a reputation for launching the right service to the right audience at the right market at the right time. This has been seen time and again, with the introduction of mobile, GSM, Internet, NGN fixed and mobile broadband services into the Middle East, Asia and Africa". (Corporate Profile, 2011)

"Etisalat is also the major hub in the Middle East, for internet, voice, mobile

broadband, broadcast, roaming and corporate data services, with an extensive regional and intercontinental network. It is the largest carrier of international voice traffic in the Middle East and Africa and the 12th largest voice carrier in the world. Etisalat is the largest comprehensive provider of carrier and wholesale services in the region with Points of Presence (PoP) in New York, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and Singapore providing a truly global reach. Etisalat has 525 roaming agreements connecting 185 countries enabling BlackBerry, 3G and voice roaming". (Corporate Profile, 2011)

"Etisalat is a major investor in Thuraya, one of the world's leading satellite geo-mobile communication systems covering approximately two thirds of the planet's surface". (Corporate Profile, 2011)

"In 2009 the Etisalat group received seventeen industry awards and including three for innovation and three for customer service. It has been named 'Best Overall Operator' in the Middle East six times since 2006 and was named Best International Carrier at the World Communications Awards in 2008." (Corporate Profile, 2011)


Etisalat UAEAbu Dhabi Region General ManagerDubai Region General ManagerNorthern Emirat Region General ManageresSenior Vice President EngineeringDeputy General ManagerVice PresidentHR & AdministrationVice President - Consumer Sales & SMBVice President - FinanceSenior Vice President EngineeringDeputy General ManagerVice PresidentHR & AdministrationVice President - Consumer Sales & SMBVice President - FinanceQuality ManagerDeputy General ManagerVice PresidentHR & AdministrationVice President - Consumer Sales & SMBVice President - Finance



The performance of each organization relies on employees' productivity. So hiring the right person will avoid the lost and the cost, but there are no grantee to hiring right person every time, that way we will mention some effect of hiring wrong person on organization performance and its business productivity .


It mean that we need to reselect other applicant to fill this position which mean losing time, money, and effort, also we will lose the training cost. However we might refill the position again not because we choosing wrong person in the first time, but because the employees are leaving the company.


Advertising and the training course are costing the company, so when we need to do it again it will cost us the double.


"A wrong hire due to an ineffective recruitment and selection process can hurt the morale and productivity of good employees. If the employee was in upper management, good employees may reconsider their tenure. If it was a lower-level employee, then fellow workers having to take up that person's slack may feel overworked and underappreciated. Also, bad hires often engender negative attitudes in the workplace."


Losing the confidence is a big problem, because that's mean employees have no faith with their managers' decision when they select the wrong person for certain position. This will lead to stress environment for the employees which will affect the performance of the work.


Etisalat is a famous company; it follows more valuable procedures in achieving all its objectives in common. Its main interest is the customers and tries hard to provide them with all means of comfort and benefits in common. I talked about the procedures that this company follows in its recruiting and choosing employees. Whereas, recruitment and selection are important step and process in the company. I showed the meaning of recruitment as the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for the employment. It is important to say that the process of recruiting in the company arise when the company is in need for employees to occupy certain jobs. In the process of selecting employees, it chooses the suitable person and put him or her in its suitable place. And that according to their qualifications, experiences and skills. Moreover, their personality and after passing certain tests prepared in the company.

In addition, I talked about the history of Etisalat Company, whereas, it was established in 1976 and gradually, it became as we see and witness now. It is now an international company, we see Etisalat's network of Satellite, Earth and Coastal stations; landlines covering the length and breadth of the UAE; submarine cable systems, cable ships and more that provide customers with more and more services. Etisalat is the largest telecommunications company in the UAE. It connects more than 74 million customers worldwide. The breadth of its career options range from business management and operations to high technology to support and service. "In 2009, Etisalat reported annual Net Revenues of AED 30.831billion and Net Profits of AED 8.836 billion marking a 5% and 16% increase. All that is a proof for the company's success". (Corporate Profile, 2011) I mentioned the company responsibilities, organizational arrangement and duties of each. Then, I moved to another thing that is there isn't any turnover in the company as this company follows logical steps in supporting employees through motivations, awards, competences and more. Though that all ,I investigated the matter that lead to failure of selection process as for example, employees, turn off ,money spent on both advertising ,the loss that the company face from that. That all can be avoided through the perfect selection.

I can say that, in my own opinion, this company is the best one and it follows more regular steps in its recruiting and really supports both employees and customers.


As for my recommendations, I recommend that the process of recruiting is so important and to avoid any kind of danger that lies on the company, it should investigate on every new employee before recruiting and understanding well all the data about him or her. In such case, it will have good and faithful employees. There are many tests should be followed and during the selection process, the company should bring psychologists to help it in choosing the best in morals, and also the one who has self confident.

Personality test is now available for any company and they are easy to be used in the company for the recruiting process. After recruiting, the company should put the new employee under certain test for one or two month, during that time, they can check, whether he or she good and suitable for the job or not.

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