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Anglo American is a reputed mining industry in this world. It is a UK public Limited Company. Which works globally .it operates in Africa, Europe, South America, Canada, Australia and Asia. It is one of the world's leading mining companies in the primary sector involved in the exploration, extraction and processing of metals and minerals. The main value chain of this organization is mining and extracting. The commodities like platinum, diamonds, copper, nickel, zinc, phosphates, iron ore, manganese and coal are its major aspects. The technology development has always been one of the major considerations of Anglo American organisation and which is one of its key competencies for getting a reputed brand image in the global market. The company always keep looking discoveries for various new sources in the world for its production and keen on researching new technology to get the competitive edge over the global market. The major departments of Anglo American which help its research and new technology development are Anglo Research (AR) and Anglo Technical Division (ATD).To remain in fast change market trend and to be more efficient the industry needs to be keen on these two major views of research and technology.

The company has got 105,000 permanent employees and works in 45 different countries and is looking to takeover in 25 more countries. Its Operating profit for 2008 is $10.1 billion and earnings for 2008 is $15.2 billion and nearly 76% of its employees live in Africa and also have major employees in Europe. Anglo American needs a constant supply of mineral deposits for its organization and these deposits need to be economically, safely and efficiently extracted for this purpose it has to constantly indulge in research of new technology of production and processing of minerals but also has to look for preservation of environment and also has to keep good health free environment for his employees for their safety.

The industry which is very closely dependent on earth and its environment which are the base for its existence has equal responsibility to preserve its existence i.e. ,it has to take care of preservation of nature and its environment on earth. And the company has social, environmental and economical responsibilities towards its employees and the native place of the area their company situated. The company now apart from just concentrating on economical growth has to take a deep thinking of cultural and environmental development which also will be very helpful for the company needs and for its future development. The company ensuring their motive followed these procedures from adapting "Sustainable Development" as one of their main criteria in development and research field. The company will now indulge in development and safety of its employees, their families and the area nearby. This case study focuses on new technology management and process development on the grounds of "Sustainable Development". It illustrates how the Anglo American Group's strong capabilities through its Anglo Research and Anglo Technical Division make new technology development possible.

In 2000 Anglo American made a new firm which ensures their commitment towards "Sustainable Development" .Firm's goal is to maximise their positive contributions, alongside governments and society, and reduce any negative impacts. It can take decision of indulging in partnership with the stakeholders, government and various other welfare organizations for promoting "Sustainable Development" in their industry.

2. New Technology Need, Approach, Implementation and Development

Anglo American for acquiring "Sustainable Development" for achieving economical, social and environmental development introduced a new firm of development team with the support from its Anglo Technical Division (ATD)in 2000.This team will research the need and necessity in regards for its organization, employee, community and stakeholders welfare and development by implementing innovative technology and try to attain Sustainable Development and in many of its efforts attained its goal with overall profits in the field with social community, economical and environmental benefits. The organization with this type of approaches also ensures its future benefits, safety and developments

2.1 Need

Some of the major needs for Anglo American to achieve "Sustainable Development"

Zero discharge of water scarcity, environmental pressure and climate change

Zero harm for the safety of environment, employee health working condition

Equal opportunity to minimize community and social conflicts

Efficient use of all resources for preserving the environment.

Acquiring, developing and retaining talent to decrease scarcity of skilled professionals.

2.2 Approach

With the joint ventures and partnership from employees, government agencies, world organisation and stakeholders Anglo American is achieved and trying implement various projects to achieve its goal of sustainable development.

The various approaches are:

Social investments on growth projects.

Providing knowledge in rural areas for precaution and prevention about various harmful diseases for uplifting of social and economical conditions.

Research and development in various capture and recycling technologies with the help of Anglo American research and development team.

Providing education and training opportunities to remove unemployment and illiteracy.

Apart from this approaches the Anglo American sustainable development implemented various approaching methods by indulging with both internal and external bodies with different modes of communication according to culture and nativity standards. The internal bodies consist of staff mainly low level employees who are native people. The Anglo American communicates with proper listening, feedback and friendly conversations. The external bodies consist of stock-holders, suppliers, environment protection organization and government bodies. They are approached by means of speak up contract details with the means of documents and with their Anglo American communication groups.

2.3. Implementation and development

Anglo American as a multinational organization is keen on the requirements and availability of the sources for the implementation and development of its sustainability development programme. It has taken the factors such as communication media specially language, environment, culture, local community and its behaviour and the basic need. With Anglo technical division (ATD) and Anglo research (AR) teams has implemented various projects for achievement of its goal. One of them is SEAT process which stands for Socio-economic assessment toolbox which was launched in 2003 and enhanced in 2007 in 60 sites of Anglo American across 16 different countries. The major concept of SEAT was to develop social and economical life standards of the local area for community development along with maximizing local resource availability.

The key steps taken by Anglo American for implementation of seat were:

Making a planned profile of its key operational in the host country.

Identifying proper and efficient way of approach with the stock-holders in the host country.

Pre-identifying both positive and negative effects of its implementation and development needs.

Accessing the support of local community.

Proper training of their most senior level managers and NGO's of the local community.

Development procedures included in the seat process was identifying of the basic requirements. Their major development process was providing financial aid and help for bringing up small scale business development program with gathering proper organization who can provide financial help to the small scale business in the under developed countries. Anglo American with proper knowledge training and development programs developed various sources to indulge in small scale industries. Through its SME (small and medium sized-enterprise) programme gave a easy knowledge of management and business planning support training to the native people.

Apart from this the company as acquiring, development, retaining talent many scholarships and bursaries to local students for their development which not only benefits the local community but also provides large scope for the organization for potential professional and skill workers for future aspects of the organization. With the help of government in Anglo coal in South Africa the Anglo American developed priority skills acquisition programme in 2007 where large number of aspirants were awarded by bursaries for their education purpose which will improve their professional and personnel life with overall improvement of the local community.

3. Effects on the supply chain

Anglo American supply chain mainly consists of production and purification of metals for this it has consider various factors effecting its supply chain which are preservation and discovery of environment resources, required human resources such as employees with professional skills, government approvals by following the rules and regulations implied, local suppliers and stock-holders. With the sustainable development program the organization preserves the environment for its maximum utilization and future use. With its local community development programs ensures it gets the support and trust of the local government, native people, native suppliers and stock-holders.the safety measures taken for its employees makes the organization a better workplace and also choice employer. The sustainable values of Anglo American provide a better collaboration and innovation in their supply chain.

4. Innovations

Anglo America under sustainable development program was developing procedures for waste management programs due to which the Anglo research team has found new innovative methods of transforming waste into commercial commodities which not only reduces the risk of environmental hazards but also produces adequate financial benefits to manage the remaining waste.

Anglo American under its sustainable development program on workforce diversity encouraging woman employees for active participation in their workforce has enabled better workforce for the organization but also increased the managerial skills of the South African women reducing the gender bias in the country.

The safety and security measures followed in various Anglo American plants has developed various new technologies like SMARTCAP invented in CRC mining which enables to detect the problems caused for the employees driving heavy vehicles it works on the brainwave signals from preventing driver fatigue. It has also launched many health and safety measure for the employees working with heavy vehicle which has evolved many innovations in the field safety and security measure for mining employees who work under lot of stress and noise like Becker Personal detection systems.

Anglo American Emalahleni water plant is innovation nurtured under Anglo American Sustainable developed program of water protection and its reusability. This plant is now providing fresh and clean drinking water which is cleaned under various safety measures in the plant which is very much helpful to the native community.

The Anglo American organization with its Sustainable development program has innovated various methods of carbon capturing and recycling(CCR) which capture large amount of carbon mainly released in coal mines and recycle them based on algae synthesis methods which ensures maximum stop on air pollution.

5. Role of manager and the organization

In any organization the key role for development of organization culture remains on its management team. The manager plays a key role in the relationship between the staff and the organization. The management team of Anglo American always give the required training and provide proper development programs to ensure the staff involvement in the organization goal of sustainable development programs. The management team always improve various techniques such as hearing to the staff requirements suggestions with proper feedback processes. The organization has to work with various groups of external organization for its Sustainable development programs for reaching its goal .the management of organization handles lot of pressure when they have to corporate their staff with other organization staff but with proper training and scheduled programs of motivating and developing their staff always has given the best results.

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