Assessing The Employee Benefit And Policies Commerce

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Accuracy of job description is very importance nowadays. A job is a task that the employees responsible to do. A task is a unit of work that needed to produce some result, for example, writing a memo. Job descriptions are the lists of the general function and task and the responsibilities of the position of the job. They also include the reports is to whom, the specification and the qualification that the person need in a job. Besides that, conducting a job analysis can develop job description. Job analysis includes examining and sequences the tasks that need to perform the job. Job analysis can be used in compensation to identify the skills level of the employee, the environment, the responsibility and the level of the education.

Actually, job description is advertising to fill up an open position. Besides that, it also can determine the basis performance and the compensation of the job. In most of the company, the compensation of the job is depending on the job performance of the employees. Accuracy of the employees in doing their job is very important. In today's organization, the company will depend on the accuracy of the job description to give the benefit and policies to the employees. On the other hand, the organization will retain the professional employees in the company by providing the accuracy of the job description to the employees. Another factor that will enhance the job description is by enriching the job of the employees. In the 21st century, there are many competitive in the organization. So, enrich job description is a necessary for most of the employees to compete with each other's and get a better benefit.

According to the book named "Why Employees Don't Do What They're Supposed to Do and What to Do about It" from Fedinand Fournies, (1999) & "First Break All the Rules" agree that a satisfied employee knows clearly what is expected from him every day at work. Changing expectations keep people on edge and create unhealthy stress. They hold up the employee of internal security and make the employee feel unsuccessful. Therefore, an accuracy job description is important for the employee to understand what they are expected by the employer.

Salary Review

Pay is negatively related to job satisfaction. Most managers believe that money is the major retention factor and many employees refer to better pay or higher compensation for departing one employer for another (Mathis and Jackson, 2003). Actually, salary is the main issue to the employees whether continue to work or not. Nowadays, low salary to a person that will responsible for the whole family will not afford. Salary review is one of the benefits and the policy of the employees. Employees will know how much salary will get every month so that they can estimate their expense. Besides that, salary is also important for the company to estimate how much expense they should pay and the accuracy of the salary to each employee.

Salary review is one of the ways of the organization to maintain their employees. Organization should pay the reasonable rate of the salary to the correct employees. A competitive salary is the main key in employee retention. Some of the employees will get the salary higher than the expectation of the performance. It is not fair to the other employees. For those employees who felt unfair in their pay will easily leaving the organization when other organization pay them a little bit higher of their current salary. In the other hand, managers think that talented employees should get the competitive salary which can reduce them from job leaving. So, the organization must make sure that the salary should be given consistently to every employee.

Job Changes/ Promotion

Employee benefit packages increase worker commitment to the organization and reduce the tendency to think about other job opportunities (Mitchell et al., 2001). A commitment model developed by Rusbult and Farrell (1983), based partly on job benefits, shows the absence of adequate benefits is one of the main factors contributing to employee intent to leave. Mitchell also found that portable benefits, such as defined contribution pensions, reduced anxiety involved in intent to leave. Employees were more likely to leave an organization if their personal attributes do not fit with one's job (Chan, 1996).

Promotion to an employee is one of the benefit or policy to maintain their employees in the organization. Organization can provide the benefit to the employee who will think it is necessary to their life such as salary. Besides that, job changes will be other issues to maintain their employees in the organization. Some of the employees will feel bored when doing the same job in the same position for a few years. So, the organization can provide another position to the employees that related to that field. In the other hand, the employees also can enrich their knowledge and apply in the other job.

Leaves of Absence

Leaves of absence are one of the compensation that can retain the employees in the organization. Leaves of absence are a term describes a period of time that one is to be away from his/her primary job, while maintaining the status of employee. Every organization has their own strategy to give the employees leave of absence. Employees are qualified to apply for an unpaid leave of absence if they have been a regular employee of the organization for at least one year and planned to work 20 hours or more in a week. The manager of the employees will decide on the leave request. The apply for the leave will be reviewed based on the explanation for the request, previous leave requests, previous attendance record and the impact of the absence will have in the organization. If apply for the leave of absence for personal reasons, the employee's manager will decide whether the current position will be held open, or if a position will be made available upon the employees return from leave.

Some of the organization will give 14 days of absence to the employees per year. Some of the organization will give more than 14 days leave of absence to the employees, so that they will retain in the organization. In the most recent years, leaves of absence will become most of the important factor to retain their employees in the organization. This is because the employees will have their holiday without deduct their salary. This is the method that will benefit the organization that will not lose their talent employees and the employees will remain the same salary.

Besides that, leaves of absence also are the problem to the organization. Too many employees take the leaves in the same day will affect the organization performance. The organization will lack of employees to do their work.

Health care Benefits

Health care benefit is one of the compensation that can retain the employees in the organization. Nowadays, health care is an important criterion that employees concern to remain in the existing organization. In the view of Madrian, even among those fortune enough to have employer-provided health insurance, there is increasing concern that it discourages individuals with preexisting conditions from changing jobs and for those who do change jobs, it often means finding a new doctor because insurance plans vary from firm to firm (Madrian, 1994).The provision of health care is tied to the employment. By providing health insurance to all the employees may also postpone the retirement of some elder workers whose employers did not previously provide health insurance (Madrian, 1994).

Health care demand and its communication with insurance selection are essential factors in the growth of health care expenditures. Since the relation between individuals and insurance providers is categorized by informational asymmetries, adverse selection and moral risk problems are likely to concern the demand for services as well as the alternative of insurance. The German health insurance system is categorized by almost entire coverage of the residents. Health insurance is compulsory for all persons with earnings under a cut-off value. There have some exceptions that are civil servants and the self-employed. These as well as individuals with salary above the cut-off can choose to stay on uninsured, to willingly join one of the compulsory health insurances, a private insurance, or a mixture of both. (Riphahn, Wanbach & Million, 2002)

Employees will feel that their life will guarantee when they injured is caused by the work because the organization had provide the health care benefits to the employees. The employees will complement from the insurance company and it will help to increase the employee job satisfaction.

In addition, nowadays there are many organizations providing the panel doctor for their employees and the charge of the medical treatment mostly is paid by the organization. But, there are also some organizations which do not emphasize the employees' health care. Actually health care benefits are important in the employee retention programme.

Retirement Benefits

Retirement benefit also one of the method of how organization retain their employees. There have many retirement benefits such as pension scheme and EPF scheme. The better the retirement benefits, the probability of the employees retain in the organization will be higher.

Employees will get the benefits of pension which are payment of gratuity, monthly pension for length of service more than 25 years and for length of service less than 25 years and the medical benefits. After retirement, employees can enjoy the benefit give by the pension scheme. This is one of the benefits to main the employees in the organization because not every organization will provide the pension scheme to the employees especially private company.

Besides that, EPF scheme will obtain the benefits of the EPF contribution plus the dividend added every year, EPF contribution part is given tax exemption up to RM6000, employees will contribute 11% of their monthly income to the EPF and employer will contribute another 12% to the employee's EPF savings. Additional payment is paid from the EPF income itself and not from the member's savings account. RM 5000 will be paid to the employees if the employees meet the criteria to withdraw all his savings on proof of disability and Death benefit totalling RM2500 will be paid to employee's dependent upon the death of the employee.

After employees retire, they will all depends on the retirement benefits to survive their life. So, retirement benefits are very important to the employees. They will assume the retirement benefits as their monthly benefit. So, retirement benefits also one main issue to the organization to maintain their employees.

Elements of Compensation


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