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As I'm working in this company from last 2 years as a shift manager I have noticed that this business has some of the problems at there working environment which are listed below: Cultural Differences- As I have noticed that during every break time the staff member they group up with their own cultural people and I was also noticed by other managers that during the working hours staffs like to work with their own cultural people which they should not do at the work place.

Lack of motivation in staffs- Staffs they don't put their full effort in the task which they are doing at the work. Which simply means that they basically have no interest at all doing same task every know and than.

Fake payment by cheque- It has been noticed by the front checkout cashiers that customers buy products from the store and when they do the payment from their cheque account it takes 7 days do be cleared and in the most cases the balance is not there. From my point of view I think the cashiers in the front checkout should be well trained.

Fake sick calls from staffs members- It was noticed that during the peak days of the week staffs they don't turn up at work but they are busy doing there own personal work.

Shop lifting by shoppers- It was noticed that some of the shoppers they buy the products from the store and they go out from the shop but later after 5 minutes they come inside the shop and they drop the products in their bag. From my point of view I think this business should install more cctv cameras and put hire some security guards.

Scam by checkout cashiers- This business operates 24 hourly service it was noticed that during the night shift cashiers they just scan some of the products and rest of the products are not scan but shoppers take that for free of charge. From my own point of view I think there should be heavy penalties if staffs are doing such things and rotate all the staffs in the night shift.

Lack of customer service- During some of the time staffs they just have good time on the floor with the other staffs and they don't help the customers on the floor who require some help in finding the isles.

2.3 value of research for organization/management concepts and principles

In this assignment I'm going to use Fayol's six (6) primary functions of management and seven(7) principles of management.

Planning- In this business which I have stated above should plan in their day to day operation of the business to reach their targets of the week.

Organizing- As in Best Buys shift managers assign staffs to look after the certain departments.

Leading- In Best Buys all the rules and regulations are implement by directors in daily running of the business.

Controlling- Sometimes directors come on the floor to see how staffs are performing in their departments.

Forecasting- At times it is very hard to predict the sales of the particular day due to certain reasons, which is like on the peak days from Thursday to Sundays the sales are not up to the required standard.

Commanding- The managers assign task to the shift managers and shift managers assign the duties to the staffs members on the floor.


Secondly the 7 principles which I will going to use in this business are as follows:

Authority- All the orders in the company are placed by directors and managers have to follow that to increase the sales of the business.

Discipline- All rules which are made at work all the staffs members should obey and if they don't do so heavy penalties are applied.

Identification of business problems:

Best Buys is one of the retail outlet which is located in south of Auckland. It was opened 5 years ago they are doing very well in terms of their business operation. They are in the business to provide a best quality American food stuffs and general merchandise which include like: cosmetic, car accessories, kitchen ware, toys, gifts and some school stationary to their valuable customers.

Due to customer demand these business is planning to open another shop in west of Auckland this year.

Explanation of how the Organization was selected

I currently work at this organization on a Part Time basis during the week-ends covering a 20 hour spell. I have worked for over 2 years in the capacity of a retail manager.

Identification of Business Problem

I have noticed and have experienced some business problems and without any doubt Best Buys have lot of potential to develop and expand into the market.

These business problems need to be solved and according to the given project, proposals these all problems come under 'OTHERS' category and are as follows.

Business Problems

The details of the problems as categorized under the OTHERS category are as follows.

1. Decline in sales2. Customer complaints3. Wastage4. Lack of motivation5. Cultural differences between staffs6. Falls sick calls from staff membersRelevance of Business Problem

The problems identified are suitable since it covers all the aspects that relate to improving Sales and impacting Costs.

Span of Business problem

There are so many problems and hence the span is quite wide and has depth which requires quite some research and involvement of management and staff to resolve.

Identified Business Problem is Topical

It is very topical and elaborate

Statement of Objectives

The intent is to research solutions and resolve the problems in order to achieve improved Sales, Costs and Productivity.

(b)(i) Problem Identification with Rationale

1. First problem which I mentioned under OTHERS category is "cultural differences"

Currently working at Best Buys I realized that some supervisors and managers prefer kiwi or Maori people to be at the top. Here is an example, counting the scan rate used to be done by management in the check-out department.

Factors behind this problem which I can find out are:

Stereotype people: in my management staffs people are stereotype. At times they just like to have their generation or community's people at the top level.

Some time there are not opened minded or not a modern thinking people.

2. Falls sick Calls from staff's members: As I'm working in these stores from a long time every week there is approximately two or three calls from staffs from each department which simply means that staffs they do their personal work and they just gave falls calls that they are sick which lead to staffs shortage.

3. Fake payments (cheque) from customers: this is another problem which our business faces because some of the customers they purchase the product from the store and when the customers do the payment they just pay the payment by cheque and when we take it to the bank to cash the cheque it shows that the money is not in the account.

-Possible factors behind these problems are listed below:

1. Management is not strict in their policies.

2. The company should not accept the cheque because it takes time to we draw the cheque.

Research Objectives

The research objective is to find the best possible outcome of the problem.

To get the detailed information

Is to discover and interpret and develop the ideas.

Justification for Research

According to this research I will going to find the best possible outcome of the problems and try to solve the problems one by one.

Justification for conducting Research into the business problem

To find out the problems in the business and try to solve the problems one by one.

Conduct the meetings and through meeting the problems can be solve.

For example, some of the time there is decline in sales and management have to work on the problems and find the best possible solutions for the problems

Secondly, lot of fake calls from the staffs on the busy day of the business. This simply means that staffs they don't have interest in the task which they doing at work.

Perceived Drawbacks OR benefits

Customer Complaints: before we use to have lot of customer complaints and most of the customers they got same complaints as the other customers but in our company the Research and Development enter all the customer complaints and they work on that to find the possible solutions

Relevance of Business Problem

Decline in sales: I have done the research that in our retail store there is decline in sales. The reason for these is that there is lot of comparison of prices of the product and the quality of the product.

Lack of moderation: at work staffs they don't have interest doing the same work every now and then.

Delay of the stock from suppliers: as most of the time the suppliers they do not supply the stock on time and it affects in business operation and it also affect the regular customers.

Limitations of Research process

I have done the research and find out the best possible outcome of the problems from my staffs.

Secondly, the limitation is to get a good feedback from the problems.

Research methodology and instrument

Qualitative measures:

Management by working around (MBWA)

On-line research

Interviews to all the staffs

Distributing of questionnaires


Management by working around- management have seen that on the busy day what are the problems in the store and they have monitored all the issue and they have done the meetings to find out what the best possible outcome of the business.

On-line research- simply by doing research online how you can motivate your staffs and improve the structure of the company.

Interviews-personally conduct the interview with all the staffs' one's in a week so that you can get fair ideas what are the problems staff facing at the working environment.

Distributing of questionnaires- from my point of view I think this is another way of getting the good respond from the staffs.

Feed Back- is another method which I have seen from feedback and we can look into these problems and find the best possible outcome.

Procedural steps

The steps which I have done in completing this assignment is firstly, I have done the

Interviews with all the staffs at work and listed all the problems staffs having at the


Secondly, I have solve each of the problems one by one through research from web

Site, business herald and some research from the business magazine.

Problem solving techniqueFake sick calls from customersCultural differencesDecline in salesLack of motivation

For the research which was assigned by my tutor I have used Fish Bone Diagram technique which help me to find the main problem which is faced by these business in its day to day operation. Firstly I will list all the problems and then I will try to solve each of the problems one by one.

Research instruments

To be successful in this assignment I have used some of the research instrument which is listed below:

Course outline

Database of Best Buys

Disturbing of questionnaires


face to face

Justification of choice of research instrument and appropriateness

1. I did brain storming with my staffs. I have identified the problems which affect the operations of the business day to day. By doing these I have come across the best possible outcome.

Degree of accuracy of research instruments

As I'm doing this assignment this is true copy of my self and all the information which included is genuine. Some of the information is obtain from Best Buys web site.

Project plan including scope resource and problem solvingScope of project

The scope of the project plan is quite wide. It just provide some guidelines of the problems which the business named Best Buys is facing during its day to day operation

Firstly, when I will be able to solve these business problems these business can perform more better compared to what it is at the moment.

Secondly, there are certain things which can improve the day to day operation of the business like, by using of different problem solving techniques some of the department listed below can be improve such as:

Food cost

Business profitability

Customer services

Working environment

Detailed task list

Task1: recruit new staffs

Task2: staffs training

Task3: promotions

Task4: weekly sales

Task5: advertisement

Task6: developing proper procedures

Task7: rewarding of staffs

Task8: socializing with staffs

List of resources used for project



face to face interview

research on Best buy's web site


Time frame for project task:THE GANTT CHART ( BEST BUYS)





























Statement of problem solving

For the research which was assigned by my tutor I have used Fish Boned Diagram to solve each of the problems one by one. By doing these I have seen that our business have improved a lot in terms of the customer complaints before we use to have lot of problems but now the business is performing better.

Statement of how to plan managing risks and contingerious

From my point of view I can say that there could be a lot of risks that can occur. Plans could be like providing training again to supervisors and taking the feedback from them or management should behave more strictly to the staffs in order to implementation of new policies.


Database- is a system intended to organize, store and retrieve large amounts of data easily. It consists of organized collection of data.

Business profitability-it means the production cost in its wide sense that is not for the cost of profit.

Promotions- are one of the marketing processes (product, price, promotions, and distribution). It can be best describe as it is a communication link between buyers and sellers for the purpose of influencing, informing or persuading a potential buyers purchasing decisions.

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