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EasyJet is a British Low cost airline company based in Luton London. It was started by entrepreneur Stelios Haji-Ioannou in 1995. Starting with two leased Boeing B737 now it has become the second largest Low cost carrier (LCC) in Europe in terms of operations and largest LCC in terms of revenue ( 2011). It operates in 509 routes 125 airports in 29 European, West-Asian and North-African countries (Airdb, 2011). It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and a FTSE 250 constituent company (FTSE, 2011). At present it operates over 196 airplanes in 19 bases mostly Airbus A319 and recently it has added some Airbus A320 in its fleet (Easyjet Annual report 2010). In 2010 it carried 49 million passengers among which 53% was outside UK (Easyjet Annual report 2010). According to its annual report 2010 it has about 7300 employees. EasyJet's vision is to 'Turn Europe Orange'.

1.1: Products and Markets

EasyJet's target customers are business and the leisure consumers who are not willing to deal with other intermediaries and are eager to save time and money. Along with its Air carrier service through its airplanes it provides easy access to booking, scheduling of flights, accommodation and transportation services. In every case it pursues the strategy of cost leadership.

1.1.1: Booking Service

EasyJet provides 100% booking service real-time online through its website (easyJet, 2008).

1.1.2: Cabin and onboard services

EasyJet provides a single class cabin service with a high density layout. No complementary meal is provided in its flight rather passengers can purchase foods and other gift items from easyShop (Easyshop 2008).

1.1.3: EasyJet Hotels and Holidays Services

EasyJet provides accommodation booking services along with its regular flight services. Through its easyJet Holidays service it provides dynamically packaged travel and holiday tours in more than 100 destinations. (easyJet Holidays, 2011).EasyJet also provides car rental, airport lounges and parking services to its passengers.

Strategic Analysis2.1: Competitor Analysis

Figure: Strategic Group Analysis (Source: British Airways Strategic Plan, 2009)

Mass Service Providers e.g.

BA, Virgin, Lufthansa, Air France KLM

Specialist e.g. PalmAir

Local e.g. BMI

Non-scheduled e.g. Thomson

No-frills:e.g. Ryan Air, Easy Jet, and Flybe


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