Specific Job Description And General Job Description Commerce

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General job des is best suitable if the single task has to be carried on by the group of people or if the same duties and functions are to be performed by multiple people may be at same department, place or at different places the best example may be the call canter executives or the customer support executives where as it may not the case in job des of specific nature

General Job des may be for the lower level positions where the requirement is for huge amount of personnel's or it may even be good for operational level. Whereas specific job des is for tactical and strategic levels

General Job description may explain vision, mission, policies etc where as the later is position specific in an organisation

Their may be group of people with same designation, salary ,roles and responsibility in general job des but the case may not be the same in specific job des specific job des may be required when the organisation wants to recruit the specialised person with specific skill sets

2. Suppose several people are employed in the same job as the one for which you are writing a job description. Would it be necessary to write a different job description for each person who works in the same job?

In an organisation to develop the job description, it is necessary to study the competencies, abilities and skills that are required because when developing job description manager is supposed to make an analysis of job not the job holder of the position not the person, because all the people are supposed to carry on same function, has to achieve similar objective, it will also support you in

evaluation the performance or performance appraisal,

The training and development cost may be reduced

The promotion structure and monitoring will be facilitated

It will be advantageous in compensation management, declaring financial and non financial incentives

The poor and the best performers may be well identified

3. Carefully follow a format for the "specific Job Description" when writing the job description for the job you selected. Make sure that you include in you job description the following elements:

job description is an activity which will be based on the job analysis and it will be a document where filtering process will be undertaken as at first when I wanted to prepare the job description and wanted to list down the number of activities that are performed it has gone unto 43 then I have started clustering it under different headings therefore I have first started from macro then gone for micro, as already been mentioned in my previous explanation also that we have to develop job or position not job holder or person as the organisation will be stable and positions will be stable but it may be replaced with many eligible people so we designate power, authority accountability, and responsibility to positions and most importantly first the position is created then we will match with the person which is important function in job description

The job description is developed to know why the job is to be performed, what are the task that are to be accomplished, and how it has to be performed



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