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Within every company there are organisational functions. I am going to investigate the main functions of the famous chocolate company Cadburys. Cadburys is a very successful business and have over 70,000 employees working for them. For Cadburys to remain a successful business it has to maintain some structure and business functions to be able to meet their aims and objectives. Throughout my findings of Cadbury's the main activities of the following areas are what help and maintain the objectives that have been set by the business and allow Cadbury to continue to have a success an reach their aims.

The production department is the department that produce the products. The department has to be in control of the turnaround of the production. When producing a product, materials and labour values are added so that the products can meet customer's needs. The production team need to have a high maintained system to be able to provide, produce and reduce the amount of food waste within Cadbury.

You would find that the production team in Cadbury's would be concerned with the following issues:

Cost of production

The condition of the means of production

Keeping production going

Health and safety

Keeping employees motivated

Keeping up to date with technology

Satisfying the requirements of customers

Maximising the use of plant

Minimising the waste of materials


The finance department is the department that controls and deals with the money. The finance department are responsible for keeping all financial records and documentations of money that comes in and out of the business. The finance team are responsible for submitting tax reports and company registration. Once HR have agreed the salaries and bonuses that the staff at Cadbury's are entitled to they then would issue all wages and preform the relevant tax reductions or national insurance contributions. The finance department control all giving budgets to each department, this is set in place so each department can achieve their objectives and do not waste money. Managers see these budgets and compare the sales and targets that had been met and the finance department then make plans for the future that will help the business to achieve its objectives.

Human Resources

One of the key roles of this department is the ability to keep everyone happy; they are concerned with the welfare of the staff, people whom come in contact with the company and welfare of the business by following employment laws and ensuring health and safety. When you have happy staff you have motivated staff and this helps to achieve the objectives. HR is also responsible for all training that has to be taken to ensure the company are up to date with the way the company functions and that all health and safety is being met. HR department employ and deploy staff as they would be fully trained in ethical issues and again the employment laws and ensure the equal opportunity procedures are in place and being followed, this avoids any law suits and trade union issues.

Administration and IT

The administration department within Cadbury's are the department that provide support to all other departments within the organisation, they create a working order, which provides routine and functions smoothly. This support could be invoicing, photocopying, letter writing, posting the mail, collecting the post and distributing it correctly throughout the departments, attending meetings and taking minutes and then typing them up, keeping records of relevant information on the business, maintaining the computer systems, software, the security of the systems and the building and security and cleaning.

Marketing and sales

Marketing is the department that identifies the customers' needs by carrying out marketing research alongside the research and development department, they develop the right products and promotions that need to be focused on within the needs and requirements of products requested by the company's customers and this helps to increase profit and keep the sales teams achieving their targets and objectives.

To achieve the company's objectives the marketing team must get 4 main areas right:

Products - they must identify what is suitable for the target market, what brings total satisfaction to the customers, what customers would like them to produce, what is selling the most or what could do with some extra support due to low sales.

Price- They must investigate the going rates or other suppliers to assure they don't overprice or under-price a product.

Place- To identify where and what areas are selling certain product this would benefit the production team as they could work a system out to avoid waste and additional losses.

Promotion-To identify where and when to promote a product, for example if a Christmas limited addition product became available, it would be irrelevant to advertise or promote this product in February.

The above 4 areas help Cadburys to achieve at least 2 of their objectives:

"to be the number one product in a given market"

"maximising profit"

Research and development

Within the research and development department is where the staff at Cadbury's investigates new products and try and improve the sales of existing products, this would involve going out and using different research mythologies, the staff in this area would perform surveys, experimental research and even observational research. They would examining competitors and try and find a gap in the market for any new product. The research and development department have to work very closely to marketing and productions to be able to achieve the right results to turn the findings of the research into useful products that will help Cadbury's to achieve their objectives.

Customer services

The customer services department is to assure the customers are 100% happy with the products and services that Cadburys provide; within in this department they deal with customer's questions and concerns. This department will help to gain a customer's trust back if an unfortunate error has occurred. Having un-happy customers can affect Cadburys objectives, and having well trained professional staff to assist in certain areas of customer services can help promote and regain customers trust, to be able to meet the objectives.

The managers

This would be the people who wants order, control they love structure and high performance they like everything to be out into its place, unlike the technician who strives off of detail and knowledge and how to perform the task, the manager loves the order and they want everything to be done in a manner that gives consistency.

The Entrepreneur

This would be the person inside of you that strives for the business, dreams and focuses on the business becoming bigger and more known to the world. Sometimes you would find that the technicians and the manager seem to take over and forget about the person striving to make the business more of a success, to provide them with more jobs that can resolved or more jobs to organise, going out there to market the business, to make a business a really great business, you have to allow the dreamer to dream, you have to be able to work on your business not just in your business.

As you can see from my examples above the manager and the technician work in the business and the entrepreneur works for the business. Each person has relevant tasks so that the objectives can be solved so the aims can be achieved

Business Objectives of Cadburys and how they relate to the stakeholdersCadburys aims and Objectives

Cadburys aims are what they want to achieve in the long run, and objectives are used to high light how those aims are going to be achieved. Objectives can be in a form of targets and challenges for the business to achieve the aims.

Cadburys aims are to:

Maximised profit

To be the number one product in a given market

To maximise sales

To grow

To operate in a wide range of markets

Have a good reputation

To provide freedom for workers to express themselves and suggest ideas to help the business

Achieve best possible financial return on capital

Boost or maintain share market values

Cadburys use aims and objectives as they are the foundation for decision making within the company. It provides long term thinking it's measurable and controlling and it motivates and inspires workers and employees, its direct, it focuses on efforts and unifies the company and most importantly it communicates with shareholders and employers regarding the businesses future.

Cadburys use the S.M.A.R.T objective method to set their short term objectives. These objectives have to be set for the business, products or services.

Specific The objectives should specify what Cadburys want to achieve, for example they may want to achieve a 3% market share in 12 months.


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