Strategic Analysis of Bus Maker on a different Route

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Strategic management is an important part of an organization in regard of preparing and organizing well structured and well managed strategies for running the business. In this way, many aspects are included to identify the impact on strategic management of the firm. Wrightbus is founded in 1946 that is a bus and coach builder firm that works in UK market. It was the family owned business of Mr. Wright his father Robert Wright and his son. There are many factors those impacted the strategic management of the firm. In this, organizational structure, management style and culture are the main points. The firm follows traditional values and cultural principles to run its business. It has a positive impact on the strategic management along with the little bit negative impact.

Wrightbus focuses on the innovation and technological advancement that is a positive point for the firm. So, the firm has many strategic options to develop its strategies like, Porter's five force model, CAGE model, Ansoff matrix, competitor analysis framework and market entry mode to enter in the international market. To consolidate and develop the operations and export activities in the US market, the firm has many options like, SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, Critical success factors, Value chain analysis and BCG matrix. These will help the firm to develop its operations in the US market.

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