Human Resource Management And Its Department Business

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People always thought that Human Resource Management and Human Resource Department both is the same thing but in matter of fact, it's a totally different entity. What is Human Resource Management is an overall of employee's needs and what an organization's need from these employees that they hired. Employee's needs as being mentioned refer to employee's wages, benefits, compensation, also, employee's records and personnel policies, this is categorized under Human Resource Management. Human Resource Management is also called as a major management activity.

While Human Resource Department is categorize as different department under human resource managing different problem, for instance, there is a department where employees could complain about their salary/wages, and the other department where employees could ask for extra annual leave. As for Human Resource Department, it is called as a profession instead of a major management activity whereby it is clear that what Human Resource Management is an overall job of Human Resource while Human Resource Department works only on one particular job. Thus, these are the basic functions of human resource positions, compensation, and recruitment of employees, planning in the organization, talent management, employee's relations, payroll, and security in the organization.

Every department has a different job description and job specification. So, what is the job description of compensation department? Job description is then breakdown to three parts which are, job title, job identification section and job duties section. The tasks that compensation department manager should do is to develop a new compensation strategies incorporate with the analysis data, also, a manager should have a excellent knowledge and understanding of the organization's future plan/challenges (Doan, 2009). The major function of compensation department is to give employees motivation to conduct their jobs in a calm yet excellent outcome like rewarding them for best achievement every year, giving insurance benefits and etc. Also, compensation department should give applicants a clear view of what are their job and duties of what they would be doing when they are being hired. For instance, Lisa applied for a job working as sales assistant, therefore, her job would be promoting and selling the products in the company, other than promoting and selling, the rest of the job is not related to Lisa. What is the job specification of compensation department? Job specification is a requirement of a job needed from the employees such as certificate, and the qualification to perform the job (WebFinance, Inc, 2010).

Selecting an employee capable to do their job efficiently and having the right qualification to do that particular job is not an easy task. It required an analysis of the organization of what is in need to achieve the departmental goals as well as the organization goals whether to hire a new employee with a new task or letting go a current staff which does not contribute anything to the organization. This is called the recruitment of employees.

After recruiting employees, human resource department need to have planning for the employees whether to hire an employee to increase the revenue of an organization or let off a staff to reduce the burden of the organization. Thus, having a recruit department will be a big plus for the employees and organization as they have a direction of what they are going to achieve and about to achieve.

Talent management is about educating and yielding an employee so that the employee will benefits the organization. Ways to create a talent employee is inviting them to workshops or classes, giving them boarder mind on how to handle a problem in the organization or work task which is given. Most of the time, workshops are given to employees who are being offered for a new position in the organization whereby they will have a blank image of what were they suppose to do in the new position they about to receive (Blank, 2010).

Without employees, it is impossible for an organization to function especially big organization. It is important to maintain relationship between an organization and employees itself where this could help organization to achieve their goals. Employees relation department focus on how to maintain a good relationship between employees and employers (Heathfield, 2010). Also, employee relation corporate with the management to discuss about human resource policies, procedures and laws (Heathfield, 2010).

Hiring an employee, of course, there would be a salary to be paid to each employees working in an organization. Therefore, payroll department is needed so that the owner of the organization could spend more time for important contracts in hand. Payroll department is in charge of working out the list of all employees, managing the sum of hours an employee working, and any other related measures. Transferring of funds from employer's bank to the payroll service's account. Also, each employer will be given a tax and services report when they received their check. Payroll department always need to check on their required payroll and taxes, and making sure that they are following the requirements and guidelines.

To maintain an employee is important in an organization, if there are lacks of employee, and then the organization might collapse, thus, security is important here. Employees would always worried when there is an economy downturn where people would lost their jobs because an organization could not support them, or a female employee pregnant and need to take on maternity leave and etc. These might be what an employee would be worried of whether will they be get rid of. Thus, developing a department of employee's security is important as well because having a specific department which handles on problems and worries that an employee's have could also upgrade their data on what actually employees problems. Manager of employee's security should also create new system on how to provide employees a job security and also benefiting the organization.

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