Skills In Purchasing And Merchandising Operations Business

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Merchandising and purchasing works according to specifications of internal and external customers towards the common corporate goal of profitability. The introduction of this training is to address these professional skills is required in purchasing and merchandising operations, and to provide the practitioners into more capable, skills and confident purchasing and merchandising professionals.

Programme Structure

The programme consists of six modules during the day:

Purchasing and Merchandising Essentials

Purchasing and Merchandising Policies and Systems

Budget and Cost Management of Purchasing

Information Technology of Purchasing

Logistics Management

Law of Buying and Selling of Goods

SyllabusSubject 1 -Purchasing and Merchandising EssentialsAims

This module will provide an overview and clear understanding to the participants of the key principles, concepts and techniques in purchasing and merchandising management.


Objectives of Purchasing and Merchandising

Right Quality, Quantity, Time Price, Source, Service

Interdepartmental relations with:

Marketing, Operations, QA, Engineering, Inventory, Finance

The Purchasing & Merchandising Processes

Similarities/Differences between Purchasing and Merchandising

Purchasing Directions

Strategic Planning

Pro-Active Purchasing

Global Sourcing

China Sourcing

Buying Ethics

Purchasing Research

Value Analysis


Cost & Legal considerations,

Computer-assisted decision-making and performance evaluation

Supply & Demand Analysis

Developing Purchasing Office in China

Subject 2 -Purchasing Policies and SystemsAims


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