A New Mandate For Human Resources

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A New Mandate For Human Resources

Human Resources have never been more necessary. The competitive forces that we face today and will continue to face in the future demand organizational excellence. To achieve this excellence by focusing on learning, quality, teamwork, and reengineering are driven by the way organizations get things done and how employees are treated. To achieve this excellence we look at the work of Human Resources. By designing an entirely new role and agenda that results in enriching the organization’s value to customers, investors and employees, HR can help deliver organizational excellence by helping line managers and seniors move planning from the conference room to the market place, by becoming an expert in the way work is organized and executed, they should be a representative for the employees and finally by helping the organization improve their capacity for change. The responsibility for transforming the role of HR belongs to the CEO and to every line manager. HR will help organizations meet competitive challenges such as globalization, profitability through growth, technology, intellectual capital, and the greatest competitive challenge companies face, adjusting to nonstop change. HR’s new role would be able to quickly turn strategy into action; to manage processes intelligently and efficiently; to maximize employee contribution and commitment; and to create the conditions for seamless change.

HR should also become a partner in strategy executions by impelling and guiding serious discussions of how the company should be organized to carry out its strategy. Creating the conditions for this discussion involves four steps. First HR would define an organizational architecture by identifying the company’s way of doing business. Next HR must be accountable for conducting an organizational audit. The third role for HR as a strategic partner is to identify methods for renovating the parts of the organizational architecture that need it. Fourth and finally, HR must take stock of its own work and set clear priorities. In their new role as administrative experts they will need to shed their traditional image and still make sure all routine work for the company is done well. HR must be held accountable for ensuring that employees feel committed to the organization and contribute fully. They must take responsibility for orienting and training line management about the importance of high employee morale and how to achieve it. The new HR should be the voice of employees in management discussions. The new role for HR might also involve suggesting that more teams be used on some projects or that employees be given more control over their own work schedules.

The new HR must become a change agent, which is building the organization’s capacity to embrace and capitalize on change. They don’t execute change but they make sure it is carried out. The new mandate for HR requires dramatic change in how HR professionals think and behave. Investing in new HR practices is another way to let the organization know that HR is worthy of the company’s money and attention. Finally. The most important thing managers can do to drive the new mandate for HR is to improve the quality of the HR staff itself. Senior executives must get beyond the stereotypes of HR professionals as incompetent support staff and unleash HR’s full potential.


The new role for HR is evident at the company I work for. They are present at any team or company meeting to make sure any issues the employees have are taken care of. They are the voice of the employees. They are responsible for training the line managers in keeping up the morale of the employees. They take care of any changes that need to be made and we have changes every 6 months. Whether in scheduling or seating arrangements, they are there to help. Often the HR department where I work is very involved in aspects of everyday operations, that, traditionally, Human Resources never involved themselves in. Specifically, HR and upper management hold training seminars on a regular basis for the middle management team. They discuss ways to improve employee attitudes and performance. They are very active in our daily operations and employees know that while HR is a tool of the company, they do serve the employees as well. We also hold sensing sessions, which gives the employees an opportunity to address concerns about the company and about personnel issues.


I believe that each staff member whether new or old needs some sort of support during their employment. Human resource management would also be to guide staff with their career path and researching certain courses and learning institutes best suited to their work to develop all the necessary skills to achieve high results in the workplace. Encouragement is a big factor in job training and career courses to stimulate staff in their current role or to further their career options within the company. With today's workforce becoming increasingly diverse and organizations doing more to maximize the benefits of the differences in employees, Human Resource managers are evolving from the "old school" sideline player to the front-line fighters. Personally, every time I have had questions about my future in the company, HR was there to provide answers and guidance to me so that I better understood my full potential. I now understand, from the article, the amount of work the HR department has. It’s not just the payroll.

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