Ben and Jerry's Company Brand Building and Values

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Analysis of Ben & Jerry's Company BrandingThe Ben & Jerry's Company sets forth a clear mission statement that is outlined with three major principles in mind that outline the company's values and motivates its employees.

Their mission statement is divided into a product mission, economic mission and social mission that each further defines the company's outlook on how they should impact the world.

By using clear energizing goals and communicative goals, the mission statement of Ben & Jerry's provides a motivating ideal that its employees can strive for.

The Ben & Jerry's Company has a mission statement that motivates its employees to want to produce a good product.The Ben & Jerry's mission statement is divided into three subsections that make it simpler to see what the overall goals are.

The subsections are product, economic and social missions.

Each area addresses energizing goals as well as communicative goals to provide a clear and motivating mission statement.

Energizing goals state the intent of the company and what goals the organization would like to achieve.Under the product mission, it is stated that their goal is "to make, distribute & sell the finest quality all natural ice cream & euphoric concoctions".

This is the primary mission of Ben & Jerry's because they are in the business of selling ice cream.

It is also the first line of the first subsection in their mission statement.

By placing this in their official mission statement, they are saying that this is who we are and this is what we do.

Ben & Jerry's is an ice cream company, so the first line makes sense because it simply states what the primary goal of the company is--to make ice cream.

Along with this line, there are more lines about serving the Earth and using only the finest natural ingredients.

These statements add a sort of validity to the business of making ice cream.

Employees reading this might feel like they are doing the world a service by working for Ben & Jerry's.

These sort of statements are designed to make the employees feel like they are making a better product--better for the people who eat it and better for the rest of the world too.

A portion of people that work for Ben & Jerry's as well as a portion of their customer base will place great importance on the company's outlook on nature and making a natural product.

The goals in this first paragraph are clear organizational goals and will make some of the employees that work there feel good about working there.The next portion of their mission statement goes into their economic mission.

The economic mission states that part of their mission is to expand opportunities for development and growth for their employees.

This is a sort of communicative goal.

By making expansion a part of their economic mission for the purpose of providing opportunity, it becomes in the interest of all employees to work hard for expansion.

By adding this section into their mission statement, Ben & Jerry's is communicating to every employee that it is their duty to help expand the business to create even more opportunity for current and future employees.

Every employ gains from the expansion of Ben & Jerry's because part of their economic mission is to provide opportunity.

Of course the rest of the economic mission includes increasing revenue for investors and making profit.

Most companies will include profit making for investors and increasing revenue because stating this in the mission statement can attract investors.The final area that is included in their mission statement is the social mission that Ben & Jerry's has outlined for its organization.

They state that because business plays a vital role in society that they should initiate ways to improve conditions locally, nationally and internationally.

This paragraph basically outlines how to be a good citizen or neighbor within the community.

A certain portion of the employee population will feel inspired by this portion of the mission statement and get increased job satisfaction from working at Ben & Jerry's.

Working in the community and coexisting with neighbors is good for the company as well as being good for the employees.When the whole picture is put together, the values that Ben & Jerry's is trying to push in their mission statement is clear.

Respect for nature, helping one another and being good neighbors to each other sums up the Ben & Jerry's mission statement.

Their mission statement is very idyllic, but it is a good ideal that many people would take to heart.

The mission statement of Ben & Jerry's sets the tone for all employees and creates a positive impression of their company.

The employees of Ben & Jerry's are probably very motivated to work for a company that has so much social conscientiousness and basic love for fellow man.

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