this may be too easy to read, but it is an explanation to a very hard emotion called love

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Till death do us apart… a statement that many people choose to describe their love to the woman they love, but why? A simple question that no one could ever answer… a man could ask his woman and similarly a woman could ask her man this question…why do you love me? And I sadly say that no one could ever know. Love is a huge word with many definitions and meanings that differ from a person to another. Love is sex, safety, comfort, warmth, company, loyalty, respect, and most certainly a dream.
In addition to all what we know of love, and all we see and do to make our lovers happy, we always do not know what love is. When you say that you’re in love, a person has this feeling inside his stomach where he has no clue what it is. This feeling just keep increasing as pain inside where you just love to have such pain, you love to feel that this life is not just to roll over and die when you achieve your goals, but about the good things you leave in this world for the ones you love.

Human beings express themselves in many ways and many styles… it’s common to write a love quote or note or a love letter to your lover… when you just cannot sleep without wishing her a goodnight sleep… and you have the feeling that you want her to be the only damn thing on your mind when you’re sleeping… for you only know how to express yourself while being held in a dream… saying I love you or I miss you aren’t the most important thing in a relationship, but knowing when to use these kind of words … a very known writer once said: “ I love thee with a love that shall not die, till the sun grow cold and the stars grow old.” This famous, most known, writer in history “William Shakespeare”… love is not a game that anyone could play… it’s the most emotional game that have ever been played… everyone has an experience in love, where the lucky ones won and unfortunately others have lost…

Losing love isn’t losing all the love… people may misunderstand quotes like the one said by Richard Dominguez: “you walked out on me, and life as I knew it ended... I will never deny that my love for you still goes on… and I’ll never deny that I get lose in words when you show up… I believe every second I had hope, was a lie… a lie that made me suffer, hell it made me cry… you were everything, but you still are… the capability of trusting someone like me? Is it that hard? My love for you is eternal and will never die… for I am who I am, and you are who you are… and forever my heart shall be locked away beneath that stunning eye…” Losing someone you love may never end life, for every person is destined to be with someone… just have some faith… now for myself, well I’ve been through many “situations” it hurts and will always do… should I still hope for the best? I have no clue, yet if I don’t make mistakes then why the hell am I a human, right?

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