What is Art?

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Is Jale Yilmabasar an artist?

An artist is someone who does Art so to tell if someone is an artist we have first to define what Art is. Art is a subjective term and therefore, there is not just one ways to define Art. From my point of view Art can be said, as an expression of someone’s self and the feelings to the world around them. This does not only include the traditional forms of art, painting, music, sculpting, and drama but per example a skater perfecting his or her skills or a business man painting a landscape of a city on his day off from work could be considered Art too. So, according to my definition Jale Yilmabasar would be considered as an artist because she is expressing herself trough painting. But as I said before, there are more ways to define Art. From a more restricted point of view, Art would be considered something that the majority would consider “beautiful” or even a masterpiece. So, if we go by this definition, which is not my opinion at all, we would not consider Jale Yilmabasar as an artist because as I realized in our class almost nobody liked her paintings.
In conclusion, I did not like her paintings but I still consider her an artist because probably Jale is not doing it to look pretty or so that the others will appreciate it but just for herself and to express how she feels in that moment of her life.

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