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Dear sir/madam,
My name is Austin Lan, and I am I am an international student that has just graduated from, ‘London College of Communication, in MA graphic branding and identity’ last December 2014. I am a young professional graphic designer/branding specialist that has been working for both print and digital industries for years plus another year of PR background.

I have been working as a freelance designer for nearly five years now and have offered services to different big brands like Longinus, DuPont, Pig Magazine, Elle Magazine, and Vogue Magazine. You may have come across to my popular design website which I use as a platform for showing my aesthetic, unique and fashionable designs online. The website is a platform for marketing myself as a brand and my design images to major clients interested in my services.

I have been working in the UK for the past couple of months as a freelancer designer, and soon my student visa is going to expire. The company I currently work for declined to sponsor me as a foreign worker two weeks since they are investing in technology department instead of design department.

I am kindly requesting you is to offer me a sponsorship opportunity to work as a foreign worker in your company and to show my passion and ability to you as a freelance designer. I wish to work internationally and further develop myself as a functional designer for the company that employs me and for the rest of the world. I am a person with huge dreams, but the UK government has made it so difficult for a non-EU resident to work in UK. Please, give me an equal chance to compete and to stand up and give myself an opportunity to become the best.

I can assure you that my attitude to work is 100% positive; a job is not just a job for me. From my past professional experience of working at, ‘Orient Retreat Company’ I helped them to grow from 3 branches to 15 within in one year period not only by design but also branding. I am very proud of my achievements, the dedication and hard work of people who have made me successful.

In return for your sponsorship, I will offer the following professional services to your company: graphic design, brochure/booklet design, branding, foreign distribution, customer relations, communication, window display PR background, buying adverts (digital/actual), costumers relation current job, web advertising, bespoke adverts, internet marketing, Print background, textile - booklet design, card design, laser cutting skill, vinyl cutting skill, Digital background, web design, app design, online publication interface design, social media administration. In addition, I can do branding, marketing, installation art, graphic design, fashion.

I have attached my CV below, and I would appreciate it if you can spare some time to consider me for sponsorship and have a look at my portfolio. I hope that this is something your company might be willing to give some consideration. I can provide you with further details if needed and I would also welcome the opportunity of speaking with you further about the issue. Next week I will contact you to see whether you would like to take it further

Thank you for your time and for giving this your consideration

Kind regards

Austin Lan


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