An Interesting Turn of Events

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An Interesting Turn of Events

“Face it,” my brother said, “We’re lost.” “Your telling me, we might as well just lie down and start to rot. “We’ll never get out of here alive, I mean look at this place, it’s a jungle.” I wasn’t being serious when I said we’d rot, but I wasn’t that far off either. I could see my brother pacing around in circles with a disgusted sort of puzzled look on his face, I just knew it was a matter of time before he snapped when all of a sudden he looked up at me. “I’m sorry.” I said, hoping he’d back off. “I’m sorry?” He repeated. “That’s all you have to say, sorry’s a sorry word Gretel and you have no right, you… As he yelled in my face I heard a loud screech and a sudden thump. “Did you hear that?” I asked. “Hear what?” Jason replied. “Come on lets go check it out!”

As we raced down the road the same way Theas car sped off we’re clueless to what we’ll encounter, when all of a sudden we see Theas car, half on the road and half off. She lost control and her car was stuck in the forest mud, the only thing holding her Beamer up was a tree which she slightly dented her bumper on. As we slowly approached the car we see the drivers side door open with a bunch of Theas precious stuff spilled out. We look up the road and see Thea pacing further down. Jason and I quickly chase after her to check if she’s all right.

As soon as we were about to call her name out, she slams down her cell phone shattering it into pieces. “Damn cell phone, I knew I should have threw that contract back in his face.” “Thea” I call out, completely out of breath. “Great I couldn’t even wreck far enough so you wouldn’t find me.” “Well, I wasn’t the one who…” “Enough you two!” My brother interrupted. “We’ve got to get out of here, and we have to do this together. Lets head back down the road.” Thea and I were still mad at each other but we knew Jason was right and we had to put our anger on hold. As we slowly walked in the opposite direction we once again pass Theas car, I glance at her and she’s just snarling in my direction. I ignore it and keep walking trying to keep up with Jason, as we make good progress we soon pass Theas goods I had thrown out. I grin as I look up to see Jasons disgusted face scorning at me. Thea doesn’t bother to pick up any of her belongings, which just makes me angrier.

Miles later we arrive at town, (just a couple blocks away from my house) I get up enough courage to finally apologize to Thea, but can’t face her as I do. As I’m giving her this sincere speech a taxi cab pulls right beside us, the window rolls down and Theas head pops out, “Tell your father not to worry about me any longer, it would be a disgrace to have any relations with you devils!”

As my brother and I arrive home we tell our mom everything, she wasn’t very surprised. I learned a very important lesson today. Thea left my father for something that had nothing to do with him, and as awful as it may seem my father loved her. Here she’s throwing away something very special without proper deliberation, which shows how ignorant people can still be.

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