Horror Short Story On Deaths Door

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ON DEATHS DOORThe drip, drip, drip splashed crimson on the ground and it was just about then that she let out a terrifying scream.

She had seen a reflection of a black hooded figure rising behind her.

She stood there frozen in fear.

The figure was starting to lift something behind her, she quickly swung around to see the figures face, but it had vanished.

She kept telling herself that she was just seeing things or it was a reflection of something else, so she decided to go wash her face and to go outside, to get some fresh air.

She proceeded outside; she had just left her doorstep when she saw some children run into alleyway.

She decided to go investigate.

She followed the children, up and down several alleyways, until the children finally stopped.

“You kids should be at home, it’s not safe at this time of night”, she yelled.

The children turned around, they had very devilish looking eyes, and they grinned and disappeared into the darkness.She started walking back home, when the hooded figure came back, this time he was holding a large scythe.

She started running, faster and faster up and down many side streets and alleys.

Until she couldn’t run anymore.

The figure was still following her.

She kept urging herself on, to keep running.

She ran down another alley that had a bend, she ran around the bend and it was a dead end….