The Ultimate Sugar Daddy Part 2

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The Ultimate “Sugar” Daddy Johnny “Sugar” Dilla was the most organized candy dealer at Challenger Middle School.

He could persuade anyone into buying candy.

“The first one’s on me,” he’ll say, “and the seconds half off.” How could anyone refuse? This was an unbeatable offer, or so it seemed.

After having a taste of his sweet candy, you’ll be hooked for life.

Each day he came to school wearing a large trench coat (Matrix style).

On the inside, it was filled with every candy imaginable, ranging from small pouches of gummy bears to twenty pound mouth watering chocolate bars.

If teachers tried to stop him, he would just offer them a bonbon. Dean, also known as Super Dean, awoke at 7:28 in the morning, following his usual routine.

He would brush his teeth, take a quick shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and be at school at around 7:29.

They don’t call him Super Dean for nothing, he had powers like Superman only he was 10 times stronger and he didn’t have a weakness.

He had just flown into school that morning when he noticed Johnny “Sugar” Dilla on the street corner selling his products.

Johnny extended his trench coat, allowing his buyers to examine the goods strapped to his body.

You could tell who the old candy users were from the new by just taking a glance at them.

They usually had chocolate smudge marks around their mouths, rotten yellow teeth, and always acted extremely hyper.

Somebody had to get rid of Johnny Dilla and that somebody was Super Dean.Later that day Super Dean and Johnny “Sugar” Dilla met face to face in the hall.“I’m calling you out Sugar,” Dean said, “Let me ask you one question bub, do you feel lucky?” It was exactly like a western flick; their hands were wiggling and they were circling each other.

A snickers wrapper rolled by in the gust of wind provided by the air conditioner.

“I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse,” Johnny said while talking as though he were the God Father.

“I’m listening.” “Get off my back and twenty jolly rangers are yours for the taking,” Johnny grinned. “Make it twenty pieces of your stickiest gum and I’m gone for good,” Super Dean declared.

How could this be? Super Dean was a sell out just for some gum.

They made the exchange and Johnny walked away with a smile.

“Not so fast!” Super Dean exclaimed with a fist high in the air. “You tricked me,” Johnny yelled, “we had a deal.” Johnny pulled out his largest jaw breakers and began to throw them at Dean.

They were harder then anything Super Dean had ever come into contact with.

When Johnny ran out of jaw breakers he pulled out a twenty pound candy bar and started to hit Super Dean with it.

Dean had to react quickly or he would surely be a goner.

The pain was excruciating.

He remembered the gum he had received from Johnny and stuffed them all into his mouth.

He ripped a piece of gum out of his mouth and threw it at one of Johnny’s arms.

The impact was so powerful that it pinned him to the wall.

“Hey,” Johnny screamed, “that’s no fair.” Super Dean didn’t pay attention to his words; he was busy removing the loads of candy strapped to Johnny’s body.

Super Dean tried to remove the gum stuck to Johnny’s arm, but he could not.

The janitor had to be called in to pry off the gum using a chainsaw.

Johnny’s candy was then immediately taken to office as a source of evidence. “Good job Super Dean,” the principal said, “just leave the candy right there and hurry to your next class.” Dean did as he was told.

The next day however, the candy was missing from the principal’s office.

Could it be? Could Johnny have taken his candy back? Johnny Dilla was the prime suspect, but he swore he hadn’t touched them and that his candy selling days were over.

Dean asked the principal if he knew where the candy was.

But, he too said he had no idea and that Dean had better ask someone else.

Dean was suspicious about the principal.

There were candy wrappers scattered in his office, and not to mention he had chocolate breath.

What could Super Dean do though? It wasn’t like he was going to be able to suspend the principal or all the other teachers who also had candy wrappers spread over their floors.

Besides, it’s not like he hadn’t saved a candy bar or two, or three, or four, or five, or six twenty pounders.

(How in the world did Johnny carry all that candy?)