Shining Night

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Flowing out of time
Seizing the moment at it shows
Rivers glowing but no one
To hear…
Sliding in the hours of time
But what matter can it shows
Symphony of old intentions
Never landed on truth….
Silent eyes showing the reasons
In nowhere…….
Mind flipping in a highway
Of moronic fields
Sharing the less
But gaining the best…
Sometimes I despair at whom
I’ve become…
Sign of willing
But hey it’s all inside!
Being out there
Singing for the moment
That loudly famous song
Is within ur mind
Dying to be your self
But no wave to let u be!
Shining yes,
I am!
I love being what I’m
Up 2!
Look behind u will see
That nothing & emptiness
Will flow u out!
As the sun shines in front of u
As Purple as in the flow…

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