Faith Gets Some Help (Fictional Story)

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Faith Gets Some Help (Fictional Story)

“I think I need some help.” Faith said, staggering inside the old, haunted mansion. Her right arm had a big cut in it, and blood was gushing out. Her face had a few scrapes and bruise’s, as did the rest of her body. Faith had just came back from a battle with an Excool demon.

Faith was a witch, about 19 years old. She had brown eyes, and short blond hair. Her skin was pale, and she was very small, but strong for her age. Faith had a past life, where her name was Enchanted. In her past life she was an ‘evil’ witch. She made people suffer for her entertainment, and used them in her sacrifices. In order to be reunited with her mother, Faith had to be a good witch in this life.

“What do you mean by that?” Melinda asked, looking up from a huge spell book that she was reading.

Melinda was also a witch. She was 1,562 years old, but looked like she was in her early twenties. She had silky, shimmery, long black hair. She had dark green eyes, and tanned skin. Her job was to teach Faith the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of the craft, so Faith wouldn’t go to the ‘dark side’ again. Even though Faith was done her training, (Melinda was certain that Faith wouldn’t even think of going to the dark side again) Melinda somehow managed to get her ‘boss’ to let her stay in this realm- Earth. She wanted to stay mainly because she had become such good friends with Faith and Spike.

Unlike Faith and Melinda, Spike wasn’t a witch, but a vampire. He was 20 years old, and he had brown hair, but he bleached it blond. He had deep, blue eyes, and fair skin. Spike was engaged to Faith in her past life, but once she found out that he bit one of her best friends, she staked him. In this life, however, Faith forgave him for what he did, and now he’s going out with her and helping her in her battles.

Faith, Melinda, and Spike’s mission is to rid all the evil from the world, before it takes over.
“Come on, Faith.” Spike said. “You need help? What about me?”
“You could help me,” Faith answered, “But I see that you’ve forgotten that you’re badly injured, and you can’t fight for at least another month.”
“I think we had better get her some help.” Spike said.
“What kind of help do you need?” Melinda asked. “Do you need a twin or some thing?”
“No, nothing like that.” Faith answered.
“Then what kind of help do you need?” Melinda asked.
“I need the kind of help that Spike gives me when he helps me in my battles.” Faith answered. “But not anyone too strong.”
“Why?” Melinda asked. She wanted to get all the details, so she could creature the perfect creature to help Faith.
“Because I still want to be able to fight.” Faith answered. “I don’t want to just watch my help defeat the demon for me. So, in other words, it has to be a weakling.”
“Are you saying that I’m a weakling?” Spike asked.
“No, not at all.” Faith answered, quickly.
“Then what are you trying to say?” Spike asked.
“I…um…” Faith mumbled.
“I’m waiting.” Spike said, in a singsong voice.

After some thought, Faith replied, “If you were any stronger, I wouldn’t be able to love you.” Faith knew that it sounded corny and pathetic, but she just hoped that it would do.
“That’s pretty good, considering that you only had a few seconds to think about what to say.” Spike said.
“You’d better be quiet, before I take those words back!” Faith exclaimed.
“Ok, ok! Just pretend that you didn’t hear what I just said.” Spike pleaded.
“If only I could.” Faith said, sarcastically.
“You’re joking, right?” Spike asked. But from the look Faith gave him, he knew she was just joking around.
“Now, back to work.” Faith said. “Melinda? Melinda, where are you?”
“I’m over here!” Melinda said.
“Where’s here?” Faith asked.
A big cloud of green fog appeared, and Melinda emerged from it, saying, “Here’s right here.” Melinda was pointing to the ground under her feet.
“Ha, ha, ha! Very funny!” Faith said, sarcastically. “But why did you leave?”
“Why did I leave?” Melinda asked in disbelief. “Did you hear yourself and Spike fighting?”
“Oh, well, I’m sorry.” Faith apologized. “But will you still get me some help for my next battle?”
“Already did!” Melinda exclaimed.

Melinda handed Faith a necklace. The chain was silver, and on it was a big, round pendent. The pendent was a metallic, aqua color. On it there was an intriguing design.
“What’s this for?” Faith asked, still staring at the wondrous necklace. “How will this help me?”
“Will you just be quiet and let me explain?” Melinda asked.
“Sure, whatever you say.” Faith replied.
“Ok.” Melinda started, taking a deep breath. “First of all, you must take this necklace outside. On the night of the full moon, you must meditate on the type of creature you want. From those thought’s, your creature will be created. Around it’s neck will be this necklace, but if it (the necklace) falls, or gets taken off, your creature will die instantly. Other then that, that should be all you need to know.”
“And tonight just happens to be a full moon!” Faith cheered.
‘Oh, and one more thing before you leave.” Melinda said.
“What is it?” Faith asked.
“No matter what, your creature will be female.” Melinda responded.
“Great!” Spike cheered, sarcastically. “That’s all I need; another women in the house!”
“Ha, ha, ha! Very funny!” Melinda yelled.

Faith hurried outside, and waited for night. Once the full moon was high up in the starry sky, Faith placed the necklace in front of her. The pendent looked dazzling in the faint glow of the moonlight.

Faith meditated on her creature. She knew that if she wanted a great creature, she would have to meditate for a very long time.

About three hours later, someone tapped Faith on the left shoulder. Faith slowly opened her eyes, and saw a girl in front of her.

The girl was around 17 years old, and looked like a typical teenager. She had black sunglasses (partly covered) in her shoulder length, dirty-blond hair. Her eyes were black, and her skin was fair. She wore a dark, purple halter-top, and black baggy jeans. She also had a red star on her forehead, and a set of wings that she could make appear or disappear at anytime. On her pants was something to hold a wooden stake. Around her neck, was the necklace.
‘Hello. I’m Sky, your help.’ said a voice inside Faith's head.
‘Hi! I’m Faith, your creator.’ Faith thought. ‘So, I guess you’re my help.’
‘Yes. That is, until Spike gets better.’ thought Sky.
‘Can you talk?’ Faith thought.
‘Only through minds; and you, of course.’ Sky thought.
‘Well then, let’s get to work!’ thought Faith.
‘Sure, that’s what I’m here for. Am I not?’ Sky thought.
‘Yeah, this is what you’re here for!’ thought Faith.
The two girls went to see Melinda to find out if there were any demons that Faith and Sky could defeat.
“Yes, there is a demon for you to fight.” Melinda said. “It’s a Wardale demon, and this one's name is Blue.”
“What’s a Wardale demon?” Faith asked Melinda.
“A Wardale demon is very ugly.” Melinda replied.
“That’s really going to help me!” exclaimed Faith. “Almost all demon’s are ugly!”
“Hey! I’m not finished!” Melinda exclaimed.
“Sorry!” Faith said, quietly.
“That’s ok.” Melinda said, and finished describing what the demon looked/acted like. “Blue, the Wardale demon, is an extremely strong, and dangerous demon. He can make all your powers useless. Or, in simpler terms, disappear. But they do come back after the fight. That is, if you even survive it (the fight I mean). Faith, in your past life you tried to defeat him, but failed. Luckily, he won’t remember.”
“How do we kill it?” Sky asked (through Faith).
“Killing it may sound easy, but it isn’t.” Melinda answered. “You must stake Blue in his left leg, with a wooden stake.”
“That does sound easy.” Sky said (through Faith). “I’m sure that we’ll be able to kill it without any trouble at all.”
“That’s what you think, Sky.” said Melinda.
“I think Sky’s right.” Faith said. “The only ‘real’ hard part will be finding Blue!”
‘Well, let’s go find him, then.’ Sky thought.
‘I was just going to say…I mean, I was just going to think that,’ Faith thought.

Faith and Sky gathered all their weapons and left to find Blue. All they really had to bring with them was a wooden stake, because nothing else would kill him. Still, Sky insisted on bringing a knife; just in case.
‘We’ll never find him!’ Faith thought.
‘That may be true, but what if he finds us?’ thought Sky.
‘I don’t really want to know, but from the way Melinda said that he could take our powers away, I have an odd feeling that we don’t want him to find us!’ Faith thought.
‘Too late,’ Sky thought, pointing at an ugly creature that was running towards them. ‘I think he already found us!’
‘Oh, oh!’ Faith thought. ‘Now we’re in trouble!’
‘Let’s just get this done and over with.’ thought Sky.
‘Sure, but it will be hard!’ Faith thought.
‘I know, and we’ll get our power’s taken away.’ Sky thought. ‘Are you strong without your powers?’
‘I’d better be!’ Faith thought.
Right away, as Blue got closer, Faith ad Sky could feel their power’s being drained from them.
‘From now on, I’m talking through you!’ Sky thought.
"Ok." thought Faith.

Faith ran up to Blue, with a stake in her hands; but before she could stake him, Blue hit Faith so hard that she went flying into the side of a huge rock. Faith’s head had a deep cut in it, and she was unconscious. Luckily, Sky was still able to communicate through Faith.
“Let’s get ready to rumble!” Blue yelled.
“Was that supposed to be funny? 'Cause it wasn’t.” Sky said.
“Yeah. It was supposed to be funny, and it was funny!” Blue yelled. “I’m a funny kind of guy!”
“You really fooled me!” Sky exclaimed.
“Now you’re going to get it! No one tells me that I’m not funny!”
“Let’s go!” Sky said, signaling Blue to fight.
“Go where?” Blue asked, confused.
“Are you that dumb?” Sky exclaimed. “I meant let’s fight!”
“Well, why didn’t you just say that the first time?” yelled Blue.
“'Cause I didn’t think you were that ‘out of it’!”Sky yelled back.

Blue charged toward Sky, and they started fighting. At first it was fist fighting, but then it turned more dangerous. Sky used the knife that she brought with her and gave Blue a big cut in the side of his hip. Blood was gushing out of it.

Blue, however, got Sky back by taking the knife out of her hands, and stabbing her in the arm. Sky bravely pulled the knife out, and stabbed him in the back. It didn’t really hurt him, but it did slow him down until he got the knife out of his back.
“I see that you didn’t learn where you’re supposed to kill a Wardale demon, have you?” Blue asked.
“Just so you know, I did learn where to kill you!” Sky yelled.

She looked toward Faith, who was lying on the ground, her face covered with blood from the cut on her head. Faith only talked when Sky wanted to say something to Blue. Other than that, Sky was worried that Faith was going to die.
‘I’ve got to bring Faith back to the old mansion before it’s too late.’ Sky thought.

Sky went up to Faith, picked her up, and flung her on her shoulders. Sky started running, as fast as she could so she could get away from Blue. But Sky was exhusted from fighting Blue, so she didn’t get very far before Blue caught up.
“You’re trying to get away, aren’t you?” Blue asked.
“Yes, I am trying to get away,” Sky answered, “If you have a problem with it, take it up with me later.”
“Why later? What if I want to take it up with up now?” Blue asked.
“Well, you won’t be able too!” Sky replied.
“Why?” Blue asked.
“Because if you would use your eyes, you’d see that I’m busy right now!” Sky exclaimed.
“You aren’t no more!” Blue said, and got ready to fight again.

Sky, who didn’t want faith to get hurt anymore, put Faith down beside a close by tree. All Sky had to do was distract Blue long enough so she could get Faith, and herself, far away from Blue.

So she stabbed Blue in the back again. While Blue was trying to take the knife out of his back, Sky picked Faith up again, and ran. Luckily Blue couldn’t, or just didn’t want to catch up.

Once Sky was about a mile away from the place where they fought, their powers came back. Sky made her wings appear, and flew back to the old mansion.
“What happened?” Melinda cried, as she saw Sky enter, with Faith lying in her arms. Both of them were covered with blood, “I looks like you two fought a war!”
“Never mind what we fought, we first have to get Faith some medical help!” Sky said, still communicating though Faith, “Faith’s badly hurt as you can see!”

Sky started rambling on and on. Nothing she said made any sense, but Melinda pretended she knew and understood what Sky was saying. Then Spike walked in.
“Oh my God! What the… how the…who the…” Spike stuttered.
“Yes?” Melinda asked.
“How did that happen?” Spike asked, pointing at Faith. Both Melinda and Sky could see that Spike was shaking.
“Remember? She went to fight Blue.” Melinda answered.
“But…but…but,” Spike started stuttering again.
“Will you stop stuttering?” Sky asked through Faith.
“Ok, that is really starting to get annoying!” Melinda yelled. She pointed at Sky, and chanted a few short words. Then she said, “Now, Sky and Spike, you may continue fighting!”
“But-,” Sky said, then stopped, “I can talk without Faith,” She whispered, then yelled, “I can talk!”
“Yeah, yeah good for you,” Spike remarked, “Now back to the real subject! How did Faith get knocked out?”
“The fight! Duh!” Sky said.
“But, she’s never been beaten before!” Spike protested.
“There’s always a first time!” Sky remarked.
“Will you just SHUT-UP?” Spike yelled.
“Make me!” Sky said.
“I’d be more than happy to!” Spike remarked.
“Ok, let’s go then!” Sky said, signaling Spike to fight.
“Sure, if that’s the way you’re going to be!” Spike responded.
“It is the way I’m going to be!” Sky replied.

Sky and Spike were just about to start fighting, when Melinda yelled, “Will you two be quiet? First of all, I’m not surprised that Faith lost this battle. She lost this one when she was Enchanted, so there was no reason to win it now!”
“What?” Spike yelled.
“Second of all!” Melinda yelled cutting Spike off, “I can’t concentrate on casting the spell to heal Faith, if you two are going to be noisy! So…be quiet. If you don’t understand that, I’ll say it in your language, shut-up!”
“Ok!” Sky said.
“Sure!” Spike said, then remarked to Sky, “Anyway, I’m not the type of guy who fights girls.”
Sky just rolled her eyes.

About an hour later, Faith was restored to her normal self again. She still had the cut in her head, but it wasn’t bleeding anymore.
“I think you two should just give up on Blue. I’m mean, he almost killed you!” Melinda said to Faith.
“I can’t,” Faith responded.
“Why not?” Melinda asked.
“Because either way, one of us is going to die.” Faith answered.
“What do you mean be that?” Spike asked.
“What I mean is, we are going to meet again in the near future. One that does happen, one of us will die,” Faith answered, “So now, while I have Sky helping me, I’m going to fight Blue!”
“But like Melinda said, he almost killed you!” Spike protested.
“Almost doesn’t count!” Faith remarked. Then she said to Sky, “Are you going to come?”
“ I’m not going to let you fight Blue alone!” Sky answered.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” Faith said. Then they took off to find Blue."

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