The Creation Of Rain

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Aphrodite was one of the most admired goddess by the mortals. She was the Goddess of Love. The mortals prayed to her when they were lonely and needed comfort. Usually Aphrodite helped them out which is why they liked her so much. Then one day Aphrodite felt lonely herself; she was tired of helping out everyone else with their love life when she herself was so lonely. From then on she decided that she would not help anyone else with their love lives until she herself was happy with someone.

For months from then on she wandered the Earth in disguise as a beautiful damsel. But she was still unhappy and one day she sat down on a boulder and started crying to herself. Then out of nowhere a man yelled out, “Get out of the way, it’s going to hit you.” Aphrodite looked up and saw the most handsome mortal she had ever seen. He was fit and tall and he had golden curls like the gods. She was so distracted by his looks that she did not see the cart that was coming towards her. At the last moment the man leapt forward and tackled her onto the ground and the cart crashed into the boulder on which Aphrodite was sitting on a moment earlier.

“Thank you, you saved my life,” she said to the man. “It was nothing; I would do it any day.” He replied. She then found out that his name was Adonis. Eventually they fell in love and wanted to get married. But Aphrodite had doubts about marrying Adonis. She knew that marrying a mortal was looked down upon.

Meanwhile, on Mount Olympus, the gods were frantic. Everyone searched for Aphrodite. The mortals were losing faith in love and their prayers weren’t being answered. Zeus was outraged that Aphrodite left mount Olympus in order to pursuit her own happiness. He could not believe that Aphrodite, the goddess who so many people relied upon, would abandon them for her own selfish needs. “I will punish her severely if she does not return to Mount Olympus and fulfill people’s prayers and dreams.” He then sent his messenger Hermes to find Aphrodite at once. “Tell her that I want to talk to her and that she must get back to her duties at once or else I will punish her.”

After searching endlessly throughout Greece, Hermes could not find her. He was walking along the shores of Crete when he overheard some ladies gossiping. “Can u believe that Adonis is getting married?” said one woman. “No I can not believe that the handsome man Adonis would get married,” said the other woman. “He is getting married to a beautiful girl whom he met in the mountains. She is not from around here; no one knows where she comes from,” said the first woman to the other woman.

Having overheard this, Hermes suspected that this girl that no one knew about might be Aphrodite herself. He then went to all the temples around searching for this mortal Adonis. After his third try he found Herpes and the beautiful stranger at the biggest temple in Crete getting married. After seeing this mortal and seeing how beautiful she was, he had no doubt that this was Aphrodite herself.

Hermes then reported this back to Zeus. Zeus then came down to Earth and told Aphrodite not to get married to this mortal or else he would punish her. Aphrodite would not listen and she married Adonis anyways. Zeus then in a fit of anger threw a lightning bolt at Adonis and banished him to the underworld. He then banished Aphrodite to Mount Olympus and forbade her to ever leave. Aphrodite then became depressed and vowed to give heartbreak and sadness to mortals who prayed to her because she herself lost her love. Nine months later, she gave birth to Cupid and he had his father’s looks but was the God of Love. But although she got happiness from giving birth to Adonis’s son Cupid, she was still sad about losing Adonis and every once in a while she would wander through Heaven and start weeping for days at a time about losing him. And then tears would fall upon the Earth as raindrops, which is why we have rain.

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