Human Nature Against Realism And Naturalism

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Human nature is the major difference between Realism and Naturalism. Hedda Gabler is a story about the determination of humanity, and The Lost Pheobe is a story about the humane understanding. Hedda Gabler and The Lost Pheobe are the best two works that shows the principles of Naturalism and Realism.Hedda Tesman is a selfish woman that doesn't care about anyone but herself.

Her poor husband, George Tesman, didn't realize everything until it was too late. Tesman's aunt was so excited to welcome her new niece into the family. Hedda could have cared less that the aunt was there to greet her. She thought that Miss Tesman was an old maid that was beneath her.

When Hedda finally awakes, George is so excited for her to meet his aunts, but Hedda has other plans in mind. George Tesman says, "Yes, well, I really missed them. Now you can see them yourself, Hedda." She replies, "Oh, no thanks, I don't really care to." Then she insults Aunt Julie's new hat, which she bought for such an occasion.After the aunt leaves, Mrs.

Elvsted comes to pay a visit to the newlyweds and reveals an interesting twist to the dear Mrs. Tesman. Mrs. Elvsted unravels that she is in love with Eilert Lovborg and in planning to leave her husband.

Hedda acts casual to this new information but is devising a plan to get rid of her former lover that would immensely please her. All the while, Mr. Tesman has no clue what is going on with his wife.Poor Mr. Tesman is always trying to please his wife with compliments and doing her bidding, when all the while Hedda is only thinking about herself and doesn't show compassion for anyone.

One might think that she adores Mr. Lovborg, but she has an ulterior motive for him too.Judge Brack is an animalistic type of character. He is always waiting for a chance to pounce on someone else's prize.

He was waiting for one of the Tesmans to make a mistake that he could use to his advantage.Lovborg proposes his next big book to Tesman, but in his drunken stupor leaves it with Tesman. Tesman is a fine gentleman that was going to return the script, but Hedda seen and opportunity that hadn't revealed itself until now. She burned the manuscript the first alone chance she received.Lovborg realizes that he lost his masterpiece, which Mrs. Elvsted and him worked so hard on, and has to tell Mrs.

Elvsted that he lost the one thing that was going to relieve her situation. She tries to cling on to him with every last hope to find out that he tore up their baby and scattered their dreams. Lovborg says, "I've torn my own life's work too-". Out of desperation, Mrs. Elvsted replies, "You know, Lovborg, all this with the book-?

For the rest of my life, it will be just like you killed a little child."This is where the opportunity presents itself to Hedda, to carry out the demise of Mr. Lovborg. Lovborg is desperate to put an end to his despair, Hedda tells him, "Eilert Lovborg- Listen to me now- Can you see to it that- that when you do it, You bathe it in beauty?" She wants him to shoot himself where it would leave a gruesome scene and gives him the pistol to do the deed.Judge Brack was the one whom delivered the news that Lovborg had passed away. Everyone was devastated except for Mrs.

Tesman. She seen beauty in the courage that it took to pull the trigger that ended his life. Come to find out that he didn't shoot himself in the head but in the stomach, and he might not have committed suicde but someone could have killed him.

Brack seen the opportunity that he had been hunting for the since he laid eyes on Hedda. The pistol that was used was none other than Hedda's pistol. He would tell everyone that it was stolen, exchange for her servitude. Hedda becomes a caged animal that at any given moment would just snap.

The only poetic justice that she comes to the conclusion about is to shoot oneself in the temple. People just don't act that way.The Lost Pheobe shows an emphasis on humane understanding by how people treated Henry. He is a man that loved his wife so much that he could not bear losing her.

His neighbors showed him compassion in any means that they could.Henry and Pheobe were fond of each other for forty eight years. They had their quarrels like any married couple. Phoebe would always threaten to leave, but Henry knew she would never leave him.

All their children detached themselves from their parents so each other was all they had left. They cherished waiting on one another no matter how much the other complained.One spring night, Pheobe did leave Henry. She died of a fever that couldn't be cured. He was not troubled at first by living alone and having to do everything himself, but as time passed he started imagining things.At first it was just shadows that looked like her, but soon she was there with him. He was constantly thinking that she had just left like she always said she would.

He set out to find his lost Pheobe.He went to Farmer Dodge's house to see if she had run there. Dodge hadn't seen her because she was dead. Poor Henry didn't believe she was dead, she had just left. Then he went to her friend Matilda's house.

Matilda didn't have the heart to tell him that she was dead, but she gave him coffee and something to eat. That is what his neighbors tried to provide the poor old man. They begged him to come to dinner, but he mostly declined.As time went on, he traveled in search for his wife and people tried to help the best they could. He searched for years calling out to his Pheobe.

No one knew how he survived all those years outside with very little food. They just thought it was his determination to find his lost love. On the seventh year, he was exhausted so he lay down to sleep to find that his Pheobe was there waiting on him. He ran after her telling her not to leave him. When some farmer boys found him, they found him with a smile of peace that he finally found his lost love.The human nature in Hedda Gabler is one does not care about anyone but oneself, but the human nature in The Lost Pheobe is that one loves someone else so much that they can not let them go.

Human nature is the main difference between Realism and Naturalism. These two works show the principles of Realism and Naturalism.

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