Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Tkiyosaki

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He studied at the New York he, joined the U.S. Marine Corps and went to Vietnam as an officer a helicopter gunship pilot. In 1977 he his first success in the business world came with a company. He leaving the business world 1985, and he co - founded an international education company that operated in seven countries. He retiring at age 47, and he created the board game to educate people financiallyCopyright @ 1997,1998 by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon l. Lechter , First international Mass Market edition: September 2001.First United states mass market edition: January 2010 .The reason I decided to read this book because my teacher recommended to read this book.

According to the New York Times the book Rich Dad, Poor dad the best seller. Also "His Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books have sold millions of copies worldwide. The outcome of this book, the author try to learn people how to become rich darning or learn some stop as people should to know the difference between an asset and a liability.In this book there are three main characters, all these characters very important, but the most important character is the rich dad. Because the author he consider them like first and a good teacher and as Inspiring, and he learned from him many things.Poor dad - this character believes about the important educated and he think the first stop to be Rich and successful man should get a higher education, and he saw the issued of education important than money.

He always says things as "I'm not interested in money" or "money doesn't matter."The other character in this book, Rich dad he has little bet education and he believes if you want to be a rich you should learn form you relay life , because in school you can learn anything in world business , the important thing in his point of view how to make money to work for you .Robert T. Kiyosaki: - the viewer who learns lessons from both but he learned more form the rich dad than the poor dad internalizes only rich dad's traitsI thing in some part of this book or from view the author was it violent, special when he was speak about the educations, and about people who don't rich, and when talked about the middle class, also when you read this book you fell a scary, because if you don't have or if you are not a rich you imagine yourself in street or your died. If this theory righty we find most people now in on the surface of the earth without job.I think the main character and this book tried to received a massages about the important financial literacy, and what is the asset and what is liability and people should now what is the difference between them.

Also, might we should work hared and don't wait untie the end of the month even to received our wages. We should have other sources of incomeThe outcome of this book the author presents six major lessons which he discusses throughout the book:The rich don't work for moneyWhy teach financial literacyMind your own businessThe history of Taxes and corporationsThe rich invent moneyThe need to work to learn and not to work for moneyPersonal Impressions and Conclusion ParagraphMy final thoughts. I think this book don't give a good solutions, also the author assumes should all people became a rich and this is opposite of the normal. Simply of all people become a rich, so this means no poor people anymore. Also he assumes all people easy become a rich just when you know what the different between asset and liability.

Any society in this world should has verity as we have difference rich we should have difference class of society. So we can see who rich, poor is. This is a really life. in addition the author mentions the school or university don't tech us how to be rich . And this message don't good because I believe that the educations it is very important even to stand up on your feet special if you want to go and to be rich . but I agree with the author sometimes a school don't give us everything about reality world sometimes, we read in the book it is same the really life. Moreover, I agree with him always we should don't balm other when we cant do anything for example we cant balm teacher when we cant get a good grad or we cant balm a manger we cant get a good sealer .Really, I learned a good point form this book, in other word he knows how he be a rich droning he knows what people needs. So if you know what people needs might this is the first step in your successful life.

Simply might if you ask anyone form street do you like to be a rich? he said yes why not. This author knows what people needs and you sell that. I remember one day I was read a book talked about how to be Millionaire darning shot period, and this book earn a lot of money but when people was read this book nobody become a Millionaire . After that this author made interview with newspaper how you are became a miller he said I sold my book (how to be Millionaire).I don't like when he said we work for money but rich people money work for them, it is unfair. Some people work because needs to work, we see many people over age and work just for work not for money. Even if we work for money is not sham.

He looks to people just from one point. You rich so you smart. so The question is what about other people?Also I learned a good thing to be more awareness and more conscious about my asset and my liability. But I can't and I wouldn't recommend him to anyone about this book.

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