Literal Meaning And Symbolism Acquainted With The Night

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Robert Frost's poem "Acquainted with the Night" sets a tone of loneliness, acceptance, and depression, all in one throughout his tercet poem. "Acquainted with the Night" is a sonnet written in terza rima, a rhyme scheme that generally suggests a continual progression. The poem examines the poet's relationship with himself and with society. Consisting of seven complete sentences, and each beginning with the words "I have" the poem relates Frost's journey from the "furthest city light" into the dark night. "Acquainted with the Night" not only tells the relationship between a man and the lonely life that he is living, it also plays a big part in Robert Frosts past life.The three quoted lines above implies an issue that was once resolved but another continually arise.

The poem also shows that the character struggled some kind of level of guilt and avoided other human contact, Frost explains when he said:"I have passed by the watchman on his beat. /And dropped his eyes, unwilling to explain'' (5-6). Just by reading the first few lines of Frost's poem "Acquainted with the night", gives the reader an idea of sadness and a better understanding of what the poet faced throughout his life.Robert Frost had many hardships in his life and suffered from depression. "Acquainted with the night" represent's a part of his life where he was lonely and in a dark place. Robert Frost gives the reader a connection and greater understanding of his life. Frost wrote this poem in first person so that it reflecting back on his life.

He has gone through a number of hardships throughout his time. The poem gave a dark, depressing feel to it expressing the difficulties that Frost has had. Learning about the horrible situations that Frost was in gives everyone a better understanding of Frost's style of writing and why he often wrote his poems with a sad tone.

The meaning of Frost style of writing is very obvious now that we know more about the poet.

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