Analyzing Human Feelings In Andrew Marvells Poetry

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The intention of this essay is to describe and comment the different variety of human feelings that Andrew Marvell shows in his whole poetry production and to relate them to the poetry genre that is used in each case. The work of Marvell (1621 - 1678) can be classified as metaphysical poetry, a term used to refer to the production of British lyric poets that were contemporary to Marvell. Metaphysical poets were distinguished by their interest in metaphysical matters and by their great ability of using the metaphor as well.

As mentioned, they were lyric poets also, so their poems are full of personal and emotional feelings and are short and intense in expression as well, rarely telling a story. Marvell's poetry is ingenious and has plenty of elaborate conceits in an elegant style. Many compositions were inspired by events of the time, social or personal. Other reputed poets of this period are Aphra Behn or John Milton.

The most famous poems of Andrew Marvell are To His Coy Mistress, The Garden, An Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland and Upon Appleton House. These are in great measure the poems that we are going to focus on.This poem is largely concentrated in politics, but it also contains enthusiasm and passion that can be found in the next stanza:"'Tis time to leave the books in dust,And oil the unused armour's rust,    Removing from the wall    

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