The Death Of Salesman By Arthur Miller

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" Death of a Salesman is a 1949 play written by Arthur Miller. It is about a traveling salesman named Willy Loman, his wife Linda, and two sons Biff and Happy. Willy has been a traveling salesman his entire life trying to stay away from poverty and trying to live up to the "American Dream".

He starts getting behind and not making any money. He borrows money from his neighbor Charley every week. Willy's sons Biff and Happy come to visit and the next day Willy comes home very distracted and exhausted. Willy started having hallucinations and flashbacks from his past. Biff and Happy realized how bad their father was getting and how much he has been struggling.

That night, Biff and Happy seen the way their father was acting. Yelling and talking to the hallucinations like as if they were real people. Biff was thinking that the reason that Willy was acting like this could be partly his fault for him being gone for so long and not becoming who he wanted him to be. The next morning Biff went to see an old friend of his to get a loan and Willy went to his boss hoping to get an office job.

Thinking maybe everything will be okay and all there financial problems might would come to a stop for a little while. But it turns out that Biff's friend did not even remember who he was and Willy ended up getting fired. Willy being destroyed by getting fired, he starts hallucinating again. Later on that day Willy meets his sons at a restaurant hoping to have good news from Biff. Biff struggling to tell his father the bad news, Willy starts to drift back into a hallucination.

Biff and Happy leave him there to go off with some girls. When they get home their mother is mad and starts blaming them for the reason why that Willy acts like that is because of them. Telling her sons the truth on how bad financially they really were and about their father trying to commit suicide. He figured if he commits suicide the family would be able to live a better life off the insurance money. When Willy comes home, Biff explains to him that he is a failure and would not live of the dream he wanted for him.

Biff told Willy that it was time to let go of the "phony dream". He still loved Willy even though we was not a big hotshot that everybody new. Overall thankfully knowing that his son still loves him he is still disappointed. Willy gets in his car, crashes it and dies.

Willy tried to live the American Dream, by being a "well-liked" person, but it turns out that the whole family has been lying to their selves their whole life.In "Death of a Salesman" I can see that I can apply that Marxism plays big part in this play. It contains a little bit of socialism and capitalism throughout the entire story. When it comes to socialism Willy tries to be somebody he is not. Willy mentions that "well-liked" people succeed and if u are "well-liked" you will never want. He tried making himself and everybody believe he was the greatest salesman and was liked by everybody in all the cities he had traveled to.

In Willy's case in all reality was not liked by many people. He failed to achieve that American Dream that he wanted for him and his family. He then realized the only way for them to do that is commit suicide.Capitalism comes in when trying to achieve that American Dream. I believe that when applying Marxism is that the class struggles between Willy, Biff, his neighbor Charley and his son Bernard.

Charley and Bernard are of upper class and played important roles in society. Charley always felt sorry for Willy and Bernard felt sorry for Biff. Charley and Bernard made more than that $35 per week. Willy tries to live up to their standards and pushes Biff to compete in the world to succeed.

An example from the play when Charley heard all the commotion from Willy's house he goes over there. Willy ask why are you her he said you need to put a roof on the house. I heard everything going on and if you sneeze the hats come off in my house. I believe with Willy not having a roof and where the walls do not meet shows me how poor Willy really is. That is why he pushes Biff and making him believe that the American Dream is the make money and own your own house.

When Biff has had several jobs and I believe that he thinks the key to his American Dream is happiness. At the end of the play, right before Willy kills himself, Biff confronts him and tells him to let go of that phony dream and live out the way it is set out to be.The value of this message is that it is okay to have dreams and ambitions but not to where it makes you unhappy. Do not worry about the things you cannot change in life and not be jealous of somebody because they have things that you do not have. If you do your very best you will succeed.

I also believe that sometimes it does take who you know, not what you know and how you are placed in this society to get anywhere in this world. I sometimes see myself in Willy trying to live that American Dream, wanting to make lots of money and be successful. This thought and just trying will drive a person insane.

Other than the money situation I believe Willy committed suicide because he has worked his entire life and he felt like that was the only was he was going to be able to relax. It seems like you work all the time and do not get anywhere. This probably applies to a lot of people in this world.

This text reminds me that do not live up to others expectations but to live up to your own.

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