Analysis On The Bluest Eye

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Winter had arrived. Claudia told us about a new girl. Her name was Maureen Peal. She goes now to the same school as Claudia. Maureen is a white girl. Maureen has got green eyes, long hair, a light colored skin and good looking clothes. She is beloved by her classmates. She also has a good relation with her teachers. Claudia didn't liked that. Claudia disgust her. Claudia also didn't liked some things of Maureen her culture. In Maureen her culture they favor 'white' things. In Maureen her culture they behave that white people are better than black people. Pecola thinks otherwise. She is obsessed by white things. Pecola wants to look like a white girl. She wants to have blue eyes, and nice blonde long hair.Pecola went on a day to Junior. When she arrived at Junior's house, he threw a cat on Pecola. The cat scratched her. Pecola wanted to leave the house of Junior, but he didn't let her leave. The cat rubs its back and tail against Pecola her leg.

Pecola sees the pretty blue eyes of the cat and is immediately taken by it. Then Junior grabbed the cat by its tail and started to swing with the cat. Pecola tried to save the cat. Pecola grabbed Junior. Too late. Junior threw the cat away and it smashed against a window. Junior's mother came out. Junior blamed the cat's death on poor Pecola.Spring had arrived. Claudia told a story about how Mr. Henry was touching Frieda's boobs. Frieda her father attacked Mr. Henry after he had touched her boobs. Pecola already lived in her new house, and Claudia and Frieda visited her in her new house. It was an apartment. On the floor above Pecola lived three prostitutes. Pecola often visited them and talks with them.

My personal opinion ( Gerard )

One of the reasons I didn't liked the book was because there were very difficult words in it. The book was written with much flashbacks. That made the book hard to understand. You often didn't knew where the persons were. They used a lot of dialogues in the book.

That they used dialogues made it hard to understand. You didn't always knew what the meant with things, and who was talking against who. My opinion is that the book is very girlish. It goes about a girlish theme. The structure of the book is clear. The book is shared in 4 parts, the 4 seasons. It begins in Autumn, and finishes in the Summer. The look of the book was not very pretty. Above every page stood 'The Bluest Eye'. That was unnecessary. They inside of the book also looked strange because sometimes half of the pages where white. The book was not stunning. I would not recommend this book to boys.

The book was written by a women, and the book also goes about girls mostly. This book is more exciting for girls.


The happenings in the book took place from Autumn 1940 - Summer 1941.




Pecola Breedlove- She is the main character of the novel. She is a black girl. She is an arm girl. Her community thinks that white people are better, and prettier then black people. Through that idea she things that she is ugly. Pecola wants to have beautiful blue eyes. On that fact is the Title of the book based.Cholly Breedlove- He is Pecola's father. He is a very aggressive man. He is addicted to alcohol. At the end of the novel, Pecola's father rapes her. His father and mother didn't treat him well. They rejected him. He was raised by his aunt. He raped his daughter at the end of the novel, because for him, raping her is the only way to express his love for his daughter Pecola.Pauline Breedlove- The mother of Pecola. She is married to Pecola's father. She tries to raise her two children well. She is an isolated, lonely person who lives in a world of dreams and fantasy. She sees what she wants to see.Sam Breedlove- He is the brother of Pecola. He is older than Pecola.

He ran away from home, because he didn't liked the place he lived in..Great Aunt Jimmy- He is the aunt of Cholly. He took care about Cholly after his parents abandoned him.Junior - He is a mean, aggressive boy. Their family cat is tortured by him and when children come on his playground, he teases them.

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