A Look At Emma By Jane Austen

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I have read a lot of good books lately, but the best one is called 'Emma' and it is written by Jane Austen. It is a story about Emma, a beautiful, smart and rich girl. Emma grew up in Highbury, a small village in southern England. Her mother died when she was very young, luckily the governess Ms.

Taylor was able to look after Emma and her sister Isabella.What struck me most about the book is the way it describes how people lived at the very beginning of the 19th century. It is so different from the way we live at the moment. It looks like there are rules for everything, and if you don't obey those rules people will talk about you and disgrace you. The society was at that time devided in social classes, and Emma belongs to the upper class and so she has a lot of duties which are significant for her rank. For instance she has to look after the poor by bringing them food and other supplies.

Something else that struck me was the politeness of people. Emma and Mr. Knightley know each other their whole lives, but still call each other Ms. Woodhouse and Mr. Knightley. That seams weard in my eyes, because I call all my acquaintances by their first name. And they also do whatever people want them to do, and if they really don't want to do things they have a very polite way to express themselves.The topic of the talkshow would be: 'Do other people know better what is good for you than you yourself?'.I think the answer is no, because at the end you are the one who is responsable for your own life. You have to make your own choices, and nobody else can do that for you. Every character in the book makes his own choices at the end. Mr. Churchill marries Ms. Fairfax after his aunt's dead. Ms. Smith marries Mr. Martin though Emma told her not to at the beginning. Mr. Elton marries Ms. Hawkins after being rejected by Emma. Ms. Taylor and Mr. Weston got married though Ms.

Taylor knows Mr. Woodhouse doesn't like to see her leave. And ofcourse Emma, she marries Mr. George Knightley after saying she would never get married.3.The change of the main character is the inner change of Emma. First Emma thinks she understands peoples hearts and minds better than anybody, so she starts making matches.

She thinks she made the match of her sister and Mr. John Knightley. Emma's match for Ms. Taylor also turned out well. But when she tries to match Mr. Elton and Ms. Smith she turns out to be wrong. Ms. Smith is devastated and Emma feels responsable for her misery. At the end of the story Emma realizes she should not meddle in other peoples lives. She was so busy to understand other hearts that she didn't pay attention to her own heart.4.A memorable passage from the book is page 113 up to 117. This is memorable because it is not at all how you want anyone to react if you tell someone you are in love with her/him. Emma is not happy at all, she is confused and mad. I will never forget this passage because I got so sad when I read it. I could almoast feel Mr. Elton's pain.5.The story is all about Emma and her inner change, so it is not strange that the title of the book is 'Emma'. Nevertheless the title could also be 'Confused'.

This would be totally appropriate because there is so much confusion. Emma thinks Mr. Elton is in love with Ms. Smith, but he turnes out to be in love with Emma. Later Emma thinks Ms. Smith is in love with Mr. Churchill, but she appears to be in love with Mr. Knightley. And it also looked like Mr. Churchill was in love with Emma but in the end he appears to be engaged to Jane Fairfax. As you can see there is a lot of confusion.6.If I could invite a character from the book I would ask Jane Faifax to come to my dinner party. She grew up whitout her parents, even her other family didn't live near by and the only way to have contact was by writing letters to each other. The only advise she got was 'work hard', and that is exactly what she did. She is about 20 years old and already accomplished. I would also ask my mother to come because she also worked very hard. My mother did grow up with both of her parents and a lot of family, but her family told her also to work hard.

Like Jane Fairfax, my mother listened to the advises she got and she became a wonderful and accomplished person to. They are both accomplished women and I think (if my mother got the chance) they could talk all night long. Even though there are lots of topics to talk about I would say the topic of this evening would be literature. They would talk about, George Eliot, Anthony Trollope, Geoffrey Chaucer, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Charles Dickens and Shakespeare.

They would analyse every detail of every book and go on for hours.7.Even though this book takes place in a different society, the moral of the book does not change. It is clear that I should not meddle in other people's lives because I don't know what other people feel and what would make them happy.Jane Austen also remembered me about the fact that I have to make my own choices in life. Though I like it when people agree with me, I still should make my own choices.

And I am sure that I am able to do that, I just have to listen to my own heart.

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