Nathaniel Hawthorne 1804 1864

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Hawthorne paid careful attention to historical setting in his works by doing research and extensive reading pertaining to the historical sources which he later adapted to suit his imaginative works. He often sought historical distance as a way of dealing with volatile contemporary issues such as slavery or women's right (Person, 2007, p.16). Puritanism and the history of early Massachusetts settlement form an important context in his writings.

It became a very important part of his background, a part that he often questioned throughout his stories. Though born into a family that was of Puritan belief since generations, he had different perception towards it from his ancestors. To some extents he had a feeling that Puritanism is being intolerant and cruel due to the fact that it had always been associated with superstition, excessive moralism, intolerance and patriarchal oppression (ibid, p.17).

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