Reviewing The Character Claudius In Hamlet

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Claudius is the murderous uncle to Prince Hamlet. Claudius' dialog ultimately leads to his downfall. His dialog gives away many of his ideas. It also causes conflicts between him and other characters. These ideas and conflicts come back to hurt him by the end of the play.In the beginning of the play it is seen that Claudius is the brother of the late King Hamlet.

In Claudius' first speech, people believe that Claudius is a caring brother. In the first few lines Claudius talks about his grief and sorrow for his dead brother. Then, Claudius talks about how happy he feels because he is going to marry his sister-in-law Gertrude. Claudius speaks about marrying Gertrude in front of Hamlet.

This was a huge mistake because Hamlet is disgusted by the fact that his uncle is now married to his mother. Another example of bad speaking decisions is when Claudius speaks to Hamlet for the first time. Claudius seems concerned for Hamlet's feeling of mourning for his father's death. However Claudius does tell him that "obstinate condolement is a course of impious stubbornness" (1.2.95-96).

What Claudius was saying is that it is foolish for Hamlet to mourn his father for so long. This did not go over well with Hamlet. After this statement Hamlet started to suspect foul play by Claudius.Claudius brings in two of Hamlet's old friends in order to try to find out what Hamlet is depressed about.

Claudius shows interest in Hamlet when he speaks with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Claudius asks if they were able to find out Hamlet's issues. They were unable to find the reason but were instructed to invite the king and queen to a play at Hamlet's request.

The two agree to go in order to please Hamlet. As Hamlet enters the scene, Claudius and Polonius hide in order to hear Hamlet speak to Ophelia. At the play The Mousetrap, Claudius is being lead into revealing his murder of King Hamlet. When the king in the play is murdered Claudius cries out for light and exits the room.

When Claudius exits the room he says, "Give me some light. Away" (3.2.260). At this moment, Hamlet realizes that Claudius killed his father. These few words ruin Claudius' secret about killing King Hamlet.After the play Claudius retreats to another room.

While in the room Claudius begins to express his guilt and sorrow for murdering his brother. However Claudius is unwilling to give up the spoils from his bad deed. "That cannot be, since I am still possessed of those effects for which I did the murder….May one be pardoned and

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