A Case Study Of The Outsider

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The bus was late once again. Should have been here seven minutes ago. Worse, it was raining. Cold, wet rain. I had noticed the massive puddle forming on the road, watched the raindrops cause ripples on the surface. Most of the passing traffic had avoided it. Until, from the distance came a heavily modified Corsa. I had the pounding music from a long way away. It sped past, splashing the puddle, which smothered me. I sat there frozen for a moment, hearing the teens from the car shouting "haha loser". After a further five minutes came the bus. The squeaky breaks slowly eased and the bus stopped in front of me, and the creaky doors separated to let me in. Most of the seats were taken, except for one or two. One was occupied by a quite large boy wearing big headphones, as a passed he shouted "You're wet". Surrounding people laughed at this, so I decided not to sit with him. A few feet away there was another empty seat.

Half was occupied by a … new, unfamiliar pupil. First impressions were his skin colour. Here is dark. Oh well, not a problem, might be a new friend. I sat next to him and looked down at my bag. After a few seconds later a paper aeroplane landed on the floor in front of us. I picked it up and read the contents. My heart jumped slightly as I saw the writing. In big bold letters was a very racist word, I hadn't seen it used before. Suddenly a hand grabbed the paper, scrunched it and threw it back from the direction it came. To my horror it hit Seam. A person you didn't throw something at. In an instant he bolted upright and started."Oh yeah, want something, you stupid ***…" he said threateningly.The younger children on the bus, stared, their eyes turning into massive saucers.

The boy next to me just turned back around and looked out of the window."Don't take any notice" I said worried."Hmm, great start to my first day" he replied."You'll be okay, I'm Sam by the way" I said."I'm Thomas" he replied.We talked on the way to school, I found out he was from South Africa, his family had moved because of work. The bus pulled up in front of the school and the pupils unloaded. As we walked towards the school, Sean pushed passed Thomas.

The morning went by its usual slow pace. I sat by Thomas, I'm not sure if I was really friends with him, but it saved me being a loner. The bell rang, it was dinner time. Thomas and I sat and ate lunch together.

To my disappointment Sean was approaching, he will pass and I calmed slightly, but at the last moment he hit Thomas's food of the table. Nobody really realized what had happened. Thomas was holding a calypso drink at the time and sent it hurtling towards Sean's head. It hit the intended spot, orange drink burst everywhere. To my surprise Sean carried on walking as if nothing had happened, Thomas also seemed surprised by the lack of response.The afternoon ago and dragged on, but finally the three thirty bell went.

As it had brightened up and it was no longer raining, Thomas and I decided to walk home as I had found out and he didn't live that far away from me. From school, there was a shortcut, which was half mile path through a wooded area. We walked and chatted. When we were about halfway through, my heart sank. In the distance I could see Sean and his gang."We could go back if you want" I suggested."No, someone like Sean doesn't scare me" he said.So we continued, nearer and nearer.

As we passed they carried on talking. Suddenly Sean said."Get him, boys"The boys lunged at Thomas and started pounding him to the ground, Sean also joined in. To my horror, I suddenly felt a fist hit my face; I flew to the ground and felt blood pouring from my face. Suddenly I was hurled up from the ground."Go home now, tell anyone and you're dead" said one of Sean's friends.I got up and walked away, blood pouring from my nose. I looked back and to my horror I saw Sean produce a gun.

I turned around and started to run. I ran for a phew hundred meters and heard a gunshot. My heart stopped, my legs went weak. I had to go back. To see. I went off the path and ran through the woods; I ran quicker, the trees raced by. I stopped suddenly as I realised I was near the place where the fight was. I peered from behind a tree. The fight area was deserted. I looked up and down the path, all of my senses alert. A twig snapped ! I swung around. It was Sean looking very scared, he was shaking."What have you done Sean …"Then i looked further behind him, it was Thomas.He had blood all over his face and a fat lip."Move away… there's no need for you to get hurt" said Thomas, his voice sounded different, even possessed.I took steps away from the scene, my foot caught a root and I fell back on to the ground. My heart pounded. Get hurt? What did Thomas mean?

My question was answered as I saw the black gun in his hand."Don't be stupid Thomas" I said nervously." Hmm, well this sod needs to learn a lesson" said Thomas angrily.The gun pointed at Sean, the finger pressing more on the trigger….

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