Assessing The Vocabulary Development Of Students English Language

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The Cloze procedure is an activity where the teacher gives a reading/writing passage to each student. The passage has blanks every 5 or 10 words. (Depending on level of the student at the teacher's discretion.) The student is to "fill in" the blanks using the vocabulary words the teacher provides.The teacher can assess the student's use of vocabulary and check for understanding of what the word means by observing the completed reading/writing passage.The teacher can give the student choices for them to "fill in" the blanks. If the answer is cat, the choices could be cat and dog.The teacher can also provide the first letter or the consonant blend of the missing word.

Vocabulary Memory Game

The Vocabulary Memory Game is an activity where the students will match the vocabulary word with their definition.The teacher gives the vocabulary words, blank index cards, and their definitions to each student.The students are in pairs or small groups.The students are to "match" the word with the definition; they are not allowed to keep the cards until they read the word and the definition.To challenge the students, they can also be required to use the word in a sentence.The teacher can assess by observing the matches that the students make. The teacher can also, assess by having the student say the sentence to them, before picking up the cards. This will show understanding of the word.The teacher gives each student a copy of the vocabulary words, their definitions, and blank index cards. The students will play the Memory game with the same objective as in Teaching Strategy column.

To modify, the teacher can provide pictures of the words or have students draw pictures instead of a written definition.

Class Dictionary

"Owning your Vocabulary"

As a new word is introduced to the class it should be added to the class dictionary. An "owning your vocabulary" chart is displayed at the front of the classroom:1 finger means "I have no idea what this word means"2 fingers means "I have heard this word before, but don't know what it means"3 fingers means "I think I can figure out a meaning for this word"4 fingers means " I know this word and can use it in a sentence"5 fingers means "I own this word because I have used it at least 3 times in my written and spoken communication."The teacher can assess by having the students hold up the appropriate finger/s as to their understanding of a new word.This activity can be used with all levels, by choice of vocabulary words. The class dictionary can contain pictures as well as the written definitions.

Flash Cards

The teacher gives each student a flash card with a vocabulary word on one side and the definition on other.The student finds a partner.The student holds the card with the word facing out and the definition facing themselves.The student gives the definition for their partner's word.They switch cards and move on to the next partner.The students play for about 3 minutes and meet with as many partners as they can.The teacher can assess by observing and listening to students as they give the definitions.This activity can be used with all levels by choice of vocabulary words. Pictures can be used in place of definition.


The Rivet is an activity that helps students practice vocabulary and spelling.The teacher draws lines for each letter in the word.The students can draw their own lines on paper or their own white board.The teacher fills in the letters of the word one at a time. The students guess the word after each letter is added.When a student guesses the correct word, they come to the white board and add the remaining letters.The teacher will continue this process with all vocabulary words that are being introduced.The teacher can assess students by observing the students as they "guess" the words.This activity can be used with all levels by choice of vocabulary words. Teacher can provide clues to assist students when they are guessing the words.For the word monkey:The teacher can say, "They eat bananas", "They have long tails", etc.

Dictionary Game

The dictionary game is great for vocabulary and dictionary practice.The students are in groups of 4-5 students, each student will have their own dictionary.The teacher will read a sentence and provide the word that the students are to define.The students look the word up individually. After everyone in the group finds the word, the group stands up.The group who finds the word first reads the definition.The group then reports to the class which definition is most appropriate for the meaning in the sentence the teacher read.The other groups may challenge the first group's definition if they disagree with the definition and its meaning in the sentence.Teacher can assess by observing students as they find the definitions. If a student is struggling to find words, the teacher will see that they are not standing up as quickly as other students.

The teacher can also give 1 point for each correct definition; the group with the most points has a good understanding of the words and their definitions.This activity can be used with all levels by choice of vocabulary words. Picture dictionaries can be used. Students can give definitions in their own words.

Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers help students to visualize the relationships between words and their possible meanings. There are many types of organizers, depending on subject focus and level.The teacher can "check" the Graphic organizers for accuracy for to assess vocabulary understanding.There are a variety of organizers that can be used depending on the level of vocabulary words.

Word Play-Charades

Word play-charades is an exciting way to have student "act" out the meaning of vocabulary words.The student choose a card with a vocabulary word written on itThe student then "acts" out its meaning without using any words.The class will guess the wordThe student who guesses the correct word will then choose a card and "act" out its meaning.The teacher can assess by observing the acting out and guesses the students make.This activity can be used with all levels by choice of vocabulary words. The teacher can assist the students of what to "act" out.

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