Feeling About Teachers

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Students should be able to grade their teachers. It gives the students a chance to express how they really feel about their teachers. When the teachers are wondering about how the students feel about them there's a website called www.ratemyteacher.com. They can get on there and see if their students think that they are a bad teacher or a good teacher. Parents can even get on there and look at what the students really think of their teachers.

If there is a smiley face beside the teachers name that means that they are one of the good teachers and the ones that don't either are close to being a good teacher or is a bad teacher. People say that it gives students too much freedom to make nasty comments about teachers but the main complaints come from teachers who get bad ratings or comments. Some people think that there should be certain restrictions on how students grade their teachers. Students that grade their teachers is a good thing for them because they can say if they like them or not without the teacher saying something about it. Ratemyteacher.com gives the students a choice from one to ten that they can rate their teachers with.

One being the worst and ten being the best. If a teacher gets a five or under they will have a bad rating and they will have a blue sad face beside their name. The teachers and the parents both agree that this can get students too much power. If students can grade their teachers that could make teachers that get a bad review try harder and end up not teaching the students anything.

Most of the ratings on this site can be really accurate. This problem developed from the teachers. They started to pick out who was cheating if two people had the same answers. They usually picked the student that has been caught cheating before even if they weren't the one who cheated.

There are some teachers that are like that and have done that before. There are a few problems with students grading their teachers. Students could have too much power over the teachers and that can be a problem for the school. Students having too much power could lead to problems such as teachers trying harder to be a popular teacher.

Although there is a good thing about this website. Students could get better grades if they could grade their teachers. So this means that it's a good thing because students could get better grades and a bad thing because students could take advantage of the teachers. Some students and teachers can have a great friendship but if that certain teacher gets a bad review then they might turn against that student and either crack down on them or just not teach anything. That will ruin a friendship if that would happen.

The teacher's boss could get on this website and see if the teachers have a good or bad rating. If they have a bad rating then the principle or superintendent could come and sit in on a couple of the teacher's classes. They can check and see with irresponsible teaching and if there is they can deal with it.

If students would grade their teachers it could solve a lot of problems and maybe students and teachers would get along better. I would think about this idea a lot but it does sound like a good idea to let us students grade our teachers. It would also be a chance for students to get the teachers back that don't like them and just give them a bad grade even if they did everything right.

If teachers give the students good grades then they are most likely to have a good review unless the students like that teacher then they will have a good review either way. The only problems that there are is teachers would try harder and end up not teaching anything. Then it would come to students be able to take advantage of the teachers and have more power than them. The school wouldn't have any control over the students or anything.

That's why the students should be limited on what they put on ratemyteacher.com so nobody has more power or anything like that. Nobody can take advantage over anybody and the students would still be able to rate their teachers on what they think about them. If nobody can take advantage of anybody then that means that the school system will be fine because the teachers wouldn't have to try any harder to be a better teacher if they would get a bad rating.

All the problems would be fixed and nobody would have to worry about the school system failing or anything bad like that. A lot of problems would be fixed if we would just let students grade their teachers. There's nothing wrong about letting them or anything like that. People are just scared because they think that the students will take it too far and start to cause problems. Of course they would think that the students would cause problems but it could happen.

Teachers and parents need to trust the students to grade their teachers. If they did the students may get into trouble but not as much as the teachers and parents think they would. Students need to be trusted about these kind of things every once in a while. It lets them know that they can be trusted to do something like grade their teachers. If students caused problems grading their teachers then it would probably be stopped instantly.

There's no way that anybody would let it start causing problems though. Once things get started with students being able to grade their teachers it will be kind of weird or hard to get used to but once they started grading teachers people will get used to it. It wouldn't be that bad if students graded their teachers anyway.

Teachers grade their students all the time and the students may get mad about their grade but they don't make it start causing problem between them and the teacher. Teachers should cause any problems if that get a bad grade either because if students don't cause any problem and teacher don't have to either. It's fair if students grade their teachers because teachers can grade their students. Nobody should get mad or upset over this because students are just going to be doing the same thing that the teachers are doing so it's not a big deal at all.

If something gets out of hand somebody should say not to do something and get it under control. That way if something does get out of hand nobody will be hurt, mad or upset about anything. If there were going to be problems then most likely nobody would've letting the students grade their teachers. People would be getting mad at each other.

There would probably be fights every now and then because maybe some students like certain teachers and other students don't and give them a bad review. Students and teachers would be yelling at each other for no reason if there wasn't anyone to keep it under control. As long as somebodies watching over and making sure that nothing gets out of control then everything should be just fine.

This site is a good idea for kids and a lot of people probably think so too. Most students that you would talk to would probably agree. They most likely have been wanting to be able to grade their teachers for a long time or if they just got their first bad grade or something.

They would probably just get over getting that bad grade though. Either way it would be great to have a website like www.ratemyteacher.com for students because it could get a lot of drama and stuff like that. Students will like using this site for their teachers. It doesn't say who posted a comment or who rated a teacher. It only shows the comment and what the teacher's rate is on there.

Students have always wanted to grade their teachers and here's a website for the students. Www.ratemyteacher.com is a great website. Being able to grade teachers is a student's dream come true. Students should be able to use this website whenever they want to.

Nobody should be able to tell them what to say either. This site is for students to grade their teachers and for teachers and parents to get on and see what the students are saying about their teachers. The teachers can't say anything about what they get and the students can't say anything that they wrote. That's what this website is for. Students can say almost anything that they want about the teachers and nobody can say anything about what was said.

As long as students don't cuss or say anything bad like that about the teacher then they can get on the website and rate their teacher. It's not that hard to do. All you do is go to www.ratemyteacher.com. Type the name of your school. Then scroll down and click add a teacher.

After that a box will pop up and ask you to type in the teachers name and what subject they teach. When you're done adding a teacher to the website it will ask you to sign up. You sign up and after that you're ready to rate any teacher that you see and know on the site and in your school.

You can add your favorite teachers and the teachers you don't like. You can put whatever teacher that you want on there as long as they teach at your school. Some teachers may refuse of letting students use this site. They might think that it's inappropriate for school. The teachers would mostly say that because they don't want to get a bad review.

They could also say that because they don't think it would be right for students to grade their teachers.

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