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Johari window is a model diagram that consists of four-square grid proposed by American psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham. These four quadrants represent your four shelves of each contain different facets and versions of the self. The window's four basic areas are open self, hidden self, blind self and unknown self. Each area is mutually dependant on each other and cannot be separated.

The open self represents the details, Informations and attitudes known by yourself and others. The information revealed can be vary from your name, age, skin color and religious affiliation. Your open self might be different in size and content depending on the degree of closeness you and the person you are dealing with.

Johari second area is the blind self include all those things about you that others know but you do not aware of yourself. You may, for example have a habit of rubbing nose when you become anxious or your mother told you snore during your sleep. The third pane in Johari Window is the hidden self.

When a person has knowledge of herself or himself, but successfully make it secret from others, this represents your hidden self. You probably hide any vulnerability you do not want to disclose. If discovered, you have the tendency to be rejected by the people around due to their refusal to trust. Last pane is the unknown self, the part which neither you nor others know. All these four quadrants of Johari window can be used as a training tool and guideline to enhance personal development such as self-awareness, self-esteem, social abilities and to build trust in a relationship.One of the significant aspect of personal development is the ability to evaluate yourself through introspection that lead to self-awareness.

According to A. Devito (1994) self-awareness is eminently practical, you control your thoughts and behaviors largely to the extent that you understand yourself and are aware of who you are. This mean, through self-awareness, you are able to determine a clear outlook of your personality, involving your strengths and limitations, emotions, traits , beliefs and desires. It enables you to know other people well, how they accept you, your behavior and your responses towards them at the moment. Self-awareness generally increases when you expand the open area. Johari window in term of relationship is used to establish the open area for everyone, as you are at your most productive and effective when you have time together with others in this quadrant .In addition, it is the space where good communication start and free from misunderstanding.

Revealing yourself to another may help you to develop connections with people in the group. They will give their responses and feedback which means they pay attention towards your information. Feedback basically means you are recognizing by other people.

Johari window that provides you with your personality can make you discover a new level of self-awareness. Remember that when you are doing this exercise, you have to be honest with yourself.Johari window can help you to develop self-esteem, how you appreciate yourself and the degree of self-worth you think you are. People with healthy self-esteem always access themselves accurately and take pride in their accomplishments and capacities. This person at the same time are able to perform more effectively in life and acknowledge their strength and weakness. Whereas people with poor self-esteem view themselves as if no one will accept them and persistently filled with criticisms about their abilities.

Wolvin (2007) states that another way of looking yourself is through the model known as the Johari window, which allows you to ascertain your willingness to disclose who you are and allows others to disclose to you. Johari window works with self-esteem by revealing your positive hidden area. You may have certain talents that you keep it secret from others. Some people are good in drawing, others may have the ability to play a musical instrument.

By the reduction of the hidden area, the open area will increase as others has develop the information you had exposed. People will try to appreciate your talent that makes you proud of yourself. In addition, self-affirmation is also one step closer to acquire your self-esteem. Remind yourself of the success you had attained from time to time. In order to maintain self-esteem, you need to get along with people who are optimistic and make you feel comfortable with yourself.

Stay away from people who love to find fault about everything. These people will just drag you down and detrimental you for the worst.Besides that, the Johari window is also used to access social abilities. As a human, you have to engage yourself in a community for communication and interpersonal relationship. People with good social skills always perform better in life.

Richard Dimbleby, Graeme Burton (1985) say in their book, social skills are used to make communication with other people effective and satisfying to those involved in the interaction. When you first involve in a group, your open self is relatively small due to your share awareness is small. As you persistently established better with people in the group, your open free quadrant goes up. In the cluster , you might share activities and interest that you exchange with others.

Friendship in children normally starts based on shared activities whereas in adult are based on self- exposure. For example, if you are talking to the group members about holidays and one of them also join the same holiday , then the conversation will be more fun and both of you will feel the connection to each other. Other members can involve in the conversation by agreeing with the content, being supportive towards the conversation and clarifying each others feeling. Cohesiveness in social interaction can be achieved if there is a deep loyalty to each other and shaped personal development through the interaction process.Another personal development that can be set up through Johari window is to build trust in a relationship. The key ideas behind the model are , trust can be built by disclosing information about yourself and with the help of feedback from others, you can determine the real you and come to solutions with personal issues.

According to Pearson, Nelson, Titsworth, Harter (2011) , self-disclosure is the process of making intentional revelations about yourself that others would be unlikely to know and that generally constitute private, sensitive and confidential information. Be transparent in order to build trust with others. It is best to be honest with people around you.

Trust deficit is located in the hidden, blind and unknown area. To intensify trust and minimize the trust deficit all you need to do is to enlarge the open area and reduce the hidden area by self-disclosing, to reduce the hidden area is by seeking feedback from your partner. In addition, the unknown area will also decrease as your relationship has become stronger when you get know each other well. Informations in the hidden quadrant are only known by yourself. Self-disclosure enable these information revealed and goes up into the open quadrant.

Self-disclosure provides you with a positive attitude towards yourself and others. Through self-disclosure too, trust can be built by receiving "confidential" information from each other. It also enables you to establish more meaningful relationship with your spouse. Throughout your life, if you faced a difficult problem, you will share the feeling with other people especially family and friends whom you turn for help and comfort.In conclusion, The Johari window provides many insights to individual about their style of communicating. It depends on the individual it on, how well he or she apply this tool to self develop and communicate with people around them.

If you deeply study the theory of the Johari window, you not only can improve your personal development but also able to understand people around you. It is important for you to understand yourself in a better relationship , if the relationship run well, you can enhance your relationship with your friends, neighbors, boyfriend, girlfriend and others. The size of the Johari window does not change, the quadrants rather expand or contract. The ultimate goal is to enlarge the open quadrant by not disclosing details that are too personal to be shared with others.

The open pane is the most crucial part as generally in this quadrant the interaction goes smoothly , the more you know each other in the group, the more effective and productive your group will work together.

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