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In our life there many factors like, gender, age, ethnic and experience difference all influence self-awareness individually over time. An innumerable quantity of personal dimension is available to explore if one is to develop in-depth self-awareness. Normally we focus on five of most critical areas of self-awareness that can be called emotional intelligence, personal values, learning style, orientation toward change and core self-evaluation.

These areas would be represented among various aspects of effective managerial performance and experiences in life.This assignment I will analyzes myself depending on my experiences and PMS sessions. By analyzing , not only learn about underlying personality dimension, but also learn about how associate with other important behavior such as motivation, problem solving, time management and work performance.

In life, what have you been doing? What experience have you had?

As an oversea student, Malaysian lives give me the deepest impression. In this strange country, I got my valuable part-time job. On the whole process to catch this occupation. I take hard effort. As we all know the airport is the first destination to arrival the new country.

My part-time is in KLIA() as an announcer. This new things practice my awareness. I'm a happy girl and like to communication with friends. Just because of this character, my friends share information with me that my university apply part-time job for Chinese students. For this job.

I wrote my first CV in my life. I have less qualification and experiences so my CV is very simple but the format is very charity. After about 2 days officer call me to interview. I wear jeans and t-shirt. Our boss told me remembers to wear the black pants.

Except my dressing, my voice and good-look let my success to pass.From that time, the part-time job and study all both were my main life. I played two roles and constantly changing. I have learned how to manage my time, but not very well. Working hours are 6 hours including 1hours break time. This break time was very long for me, because I only use them to call my friends and family constantly.

Firstly I would submit my time table to office let staff to arrange my work time and previously told me in order to avoid my busy time meanwhile I didn't affect my study It took me about 1hours to arrived airport. I always complained that the airport was so far away from my department. I never arranged some activities during this long journey.

In the opposition ;wasting the time. In officer, everyone owns their duties, for me much spare time. In advanced airport, they using machine clock in attendance. The rules are very serious.First day to work, I didn't know how to do. I have learned from my senior and Malaysian airport staffs through talking.

Finally I know how to use the reproducers and how much volume is fine. As announcer, my duty is transfer any flight information to passengers. Like flight no.; boarding time; gate; sometime using the reproducer make an announcement about urgent notice. For example; some flight will be late 45mins or be cancelled because of weather.

This requirement let me have to pay attention on verbal communication.Malaysia is the muslin country, so most of staffs are citizens. The majority of the who cannot dialog zed with Chinese fluently. KLIA are large area, one day when I make announcement the phone ringing. That calls from a passenger who didn't know how to collect their baggage. Many customers would first remember person who can help them to translate are announcer especially the mandarin announcer.

So during my duty day, I also will answer the help phone. This occupation gave me more opportunities to communicate with other people. I have built good relationship with my colleagues including school car driver who gave me lift every time.

2. What have you learnt about yourself through these experiences?

This part-time job gave me more confidence and improving my personal skill: communication. This experience can show that communication is very important personal skill. Through communication with my friends, I know the information about the announcer part-time job. Even if I do another part-time, the information was also majority from communication with others I believe. Through interview I know what I should wear in that essential time.

Through communication with senior and staff, I know how to operate the reproducer and how much volume is good for making announcement. Meanwhile, I also through the communication with passengers to help them to avoid go the wrong ways. These experience let me explore that I good at communication. It is my strength and my evaluation. Let following list which factors should I know in communicationSpeed-not too fast, not too slow;Tone-putting your audience to sleepPitch-not too high, not too lowVolume-loud enough to be heard, but not too loud please posture and breathing.The entire thing I done is very well.

But when I remember this experience again, I find my weakness or the skill I should develop. I need to improve my time management skill. Definitely, I submit my time table to office and arrange my work. It is good, however this behavior only can demonstrate officer do very well about the time management. But I forget to take well about my time on the way to airport.

Officer provided car and driver for me. I clearly remembered that every time the driver waiting for me even I was late. The way to airport need 1hours and the whole day in officer nothing to do except making announcement.

Overall the life was so boring that all because of I am not good at stress management- time management. In spare time I would complain these boring moments. Clocking in attendance require me punctually. During break time, I spend 1 hour on calling someone, in order to waste "extra" time.

This is my biggest wrong.

3. How have you developed your skill during the practice of management skills module?

Learning PMS module let me recognized myself and knows what my weakness and strength I am. Many factors we can find in daily life. We are degree student, this indent means we ever have do project including group and individual; presentation. PMS let us analyze our score according to some test. We know what attempts we are good at and which role of team belongs to you.

DISC model quest I can make sure what kind of my characters .depending on my personality score, I am influence person. I am good at communication keeping them, bad on controlling, practicing them. I think in this lecture I clearly know myself using many test. Like the multiple intelligences test. My strongest intelligence is interpersonal and intrapersonal.

In team work, I like setting the goals and practicing.From this module, I face on my competition. I need update my CV and be able to solve some urgent problem. More and more stressful employees should practice the interview skill. Like dressing and adaptability etc.

Each of us is constantly being exposed to an overwhelming amount of information, and only part of it can be given attention and acted upon at a time.I also learning the good hearing habit, in before, if I think the things not correct or not following what I think , I will ignore the speaker's voice no matter how good he say. This is a bad habit, sometimes, after the speaker asks me how about the question, I become hurry and confusion. Now I start to change my bad habit, I learn the session and see the guy in the movie do the thing just like I do. I become shame and make me want to change. Now I do better, I always get a relax mood to talking with others, I find this is better than before.I also learn the teamwork important in the session.

In our class, our lecture give us a mixed subjects which teach us how teamwork important. He gives us a hand makes draft and let us to make a team, with a team leadership to stick the members in the team to work out the goods. Some group not sticks together and just thinks by person self.

My team is good and we get a good communication and think together. With several tries, we understand how to make the goods and we fast get it. Teamwork is very important, you need to trust everyone in your team, do not think them is surplus. Everyone have their advantage and you just not find it when you think he is burdensome.Through my session not long and just several weeks, I think I get a good understand and influence to make me get a change, the learning we get is very useful from now to future. This is real an unforgettable session.Decision making is most useful skills for me because that this factor is our topic in my group project.

Our group of personal financial management through a questionnaire survey to analyze the activities of the importance of decision-making. In this activities, my duty is communication with people. From this survey I develop my communication collecting many useful answers.

Each step we should make a small decision, like what the location; what the questionnaire we can list.

4. Taking the answer to the question 2b, how will you develop this skill?

The same as my experience in Malaysia, I should improve my skill about time management. My goal is full use of every minute. I hope that I will become goodtime manager when I get my next job.

Time management should be treated as one of the most valuable resources.Managing time with an effectiveness approach means thatIndividual spend time on important matters, not just urgent mattersWe are able to distinguish clearly between what view as important what view are urgent.Result rather than methods are the focus of time management strategiesDon't feel guilty when we say "no"I will develop my time management through this methodTo do listTo do list means first to list of all the task that I need to carry out. I should list everything that I have to do. I put the most important tasks at the top of lists, and the least important tasks at the bottom.

For example: I would prepare a "to do list", first write down all of tasks that I need to complete. After that, I run through these tasks with a priority arrangement from important to last. When I finish this step, next step is layout to do list. With more popular use of computer, I can also use software to prepare and manage the list. to do lists can help me get better study and start making a success of my career in the future..Set goal setting.Goal setting can help us choose where we want to go in life.

It provides me a chance to be success and it helps me organize time and resources. Set goals to motivate me to emphasize goals are important and value to get it.l So I should have an "I must do this" attitude to set goals.Set SMART goals are very important. The SMART is the different parts:Specific, A specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal.Measurable, Establish concrete criteria for measuring progress toward the attainment of each goal we setAttainable, When we identify goals that are most important to us, we begin to figure out ways we can make them come true.

We develop the attitudes, abilities, skills, and financial capacity to reach them. We begin seeing previously overlooked opportunities to bring ourselves closer to the achievement of goals.Relevant, To be realistic, a goal must represent an objective toward which we are both willing and able to work.Time bound. A goal should be grounded within a time frame. With no time frame tied to it there's no sense of urgencySpecific goals means goal must be clear and well defined.

The goal can measure my degree of success. Measurable means that the goal can beAfter a SMART goal, we can make an action plan. We need to write down detail and steps, and crossing each one off as we complete it.ConclusionThrough a thorough analysis of my own strengths and weaknesses in this subject, so that when participants in the activities I can play the advantages and improve my own shortcomings with the clear understanding. Social work experiences and many opportunities like joining in group project learned me what is the team work, how to make decision and how to keep good relationship with your parterns.

As a numbers of social, we should own management skill and personal awareness. Developing skill and personal awarenss is our learning task.

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