Critical Review of Pride and Prejudice

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Critical Review of "Pride and Prejudice"“Pride and Prejudice” is a film that has been critically acclaimed as flawless by many viewers and critics.

The casting, setting, costumes, character portrayals, etc.

are all portrayed well.

The main plot thread traces the relationship of Elizabeth Bennet (Jennifer Ehle), the second of five sisters, and a wealthy young man named Darcy (Colin Firth).

The two are not immediately attracted to each other but as the story progresses, they are forced to examine their hearts as well as their preconceptions about each other, in order to understand the truth.

There's a parallel love story between Lizzie's older sister, Jane (Susannah Harker), and the charming Mr.

Bingley (Crispin Bonham-Carter).

The film as well follows the handicapped marital plans of an hateful, emotional cleric by the name of Collins (David Bamber), and learn dark secrets about the character of the open and generous Wickham (Adrian Lukis).

I have read numerous critical reviews by regular viewers of this film.

What mostly is said is how Colin Firth does such an excellent job in this film.

His acting is critically acclaimed.

One critique says, “Every women that watches this film, falls in love with Colin Firth’s Darcy.” The Bennett family who live by their merit are anticipating the arrival of the Mr.



Bennett is making plans of marrying off one of her daughters to the unaware Mr.


Jane and Mr.

Bingley do seem to hit it off quite well, however Mr.

Darcy and Lizzie seem to clash immediately.


Darcy is the sort of man who does not dance and does not associate with anyone below his stature in society and the Bennett family are not very wealthy.


Bingley and Mr.

Darcy then return to London leaving the family wondering of the romance between Bingley and Jane.


Collins, the cousin of the five sisters who is set to inherit their property in the event of the death of Mr.

Bennett, as he is the closest male kin in the Family.


Bennett is devastated and so is Mr.

Collins who spends the night a friend of the family’s and ends up marrying their daughter Charlotte who is a very good friend of Lizzie’s.

Between trips to London and Derbyshire and gossip of Mr.

Darcy’s intended marriage of the daughter of Lady Catherine, is the influence of Mr.


An officer of the Militia who is happy to convince Lizzie that Mr.

Darcy is in fact a very seedy character.

From here on we see the fall and rise of Mr.

Darcy, the fall of the Bennett family pride when Lydia elopes with Mr.

Wickham who turns out to not be what he first seemed and the marriage of Lydia even though it’s obviously not for love.

In the finale, Jane and Mr.

Bingley and Lizzie and Mr.Darcy get engaged even through all the obstacles.

This film was a pleasure for me to see.

I rented this film and when I sat down by myself watching this film, it got me very intrigued.

Besides the great story outline was the brilliant cast that no other cast could play as perfect as they did.

Main to supporting characters, all was five star acting.

The soundtrack and costumes was near down perfect to actual nineteenth century times.

I recommend this film from ages sixteen and up.

This film is intended for a more mature audience and people who like stories about love, betrayal, deception, guilt, and desire, and for people that like this genre,/ this film is a must see.