Nut Cracker Performance Concert Version

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NutCracker Performance


By Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky

This exquisite piece performed by the University Symphony Orchestra on Saturday November 17, 2001 at the University Theater was quite intriguing as well as informative. I was introduced to a new “world” that has fully grabbed my attention and interest to the livelihood of orchestral music. To say the least, I was impressed. Going to this concert opened my eyes to this new “world” and I like it. I like it so much that I plan to continue going to these concerts even if I do not get graded for it.

Aaron Kula, music director, introduced the piece to the audience by explaining what was involved behind Tchaikovsky. He also explained the structure and outline of the piece concluding that it was to our best interest to stay for Act 2, meaning that it would be worth it. As act I began, the main instruments being played were strings and winds. Gradually through out the act, more instruments were being introduced (drums, horns, etc.). By the end of act, it seemed that all the instruments in the orchestra had been introduced and there was more of a full and louder sound compared to the sound in the beginning. I found myself in amazement of the awesome sound produced by a live symphony. The reason for this feeling is because I have never been to a concert by a symphony and I was not sure of what to expect. After realizing this overwhelming amazement when act I began, I sat back and really “got into” the music. I found myself tapping along to the beat and going with the “flow”. I was following the sections, provided by the pamphlet, along with the music and I could imagine what the play would be like. I found it quite incredible how the music could depict such a vivid pictorial image. I could literally imagine what was going on in the play and I have never even seen the “Nutcracker”. After act I was finished, I sat in anticipation of what might foretell the future events of Act II, and I was thinking, “How in the world is Act II going to “top” act I.”

Through act II, I found myself again tapping along and going with the flow. This time, the music was much fuller, louder and complex. I couldn’t believe how the orchestra could produce such an incredible sound. The second Act was much livelier than the first and ten times better and hard for me to absorb all at once. To conclude the summarization of Act II, the music director, Aaron Kula, was right, it was definitely worth staying for the second half.

In conclusion, there is an overabundance of feelings and information received by me from going to this concert. I now have a considerable amount of respect for musicians who play such wonderful music. After the concert was over, I wanted to go up to each musician and shake their hand tell them what an impact they have put on me. I wanted to hear more and I still do. I hope everyone at some point in their lives gets to experience what I have this Saturday night. I just wish that I would have been introduced to this new found glory sooner.

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