Critical Analysis of the Play The Bald Soprano

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I believe “The Bald Soprano” is a great example of how pointless day to day life really is. It shows how people have pointless conversations and they just talk for the sake of talking. These characters do not use communication to express their thoughts and feelings; they talk and talk but actually say nothing. Talking to each other becomes a meaningless habit, they speak of irrelevant information that just serves to break the silence every so often and replace it with words that are equally empty.

This play truly shows this in many ways. Right in the begging we start of with a great example of how people lack communication skills or are just sometimes uninterested in communicating with others. This is shown in the most common way. A person doing something pretending to listen but actually not even paying attention. We have all done this at one point or another, sometimes we do not even notice. We just assume that the other person has nothing interesting to say, so we do not even bother to pay attention to this person out of habituation. We just learn to expect no source of important information from the person, so instinctively we just ignore them.

This play also shows how people just talk for the sake of talking with the ridiculous stories they tell. Most, if not all, the stories make any sense what so ever. But, for some reason they keep telling them. The strangest part is it only shows how people just want to talk even if they make no sense. In this certain part of the play even the maid joins in the conversation by telling them a poem entitled “The Fire”. This poem talks about the strangest things catching on fire. It mentions things that are not even flammable like water, stones, the sky; it even goes on to say that fire caught fire. It’s just people talking nonsense.

When the maid first requested to tell her poem, the Smiths denied her requested and told her that she was just a maid. She is just another number. A meaningless person. Someone just there to perform a task but never really got noticed or given any attention to as a person. In the words of the play she is just another Bobby Watson. Someone that is known to be there but not really known as an individual. Life is full of Bobby Watsons. They are all those people who you know. Those people you see everyday but have no idea what they are about. Even you yourself are Bobby Watson to someone to someone else out there.

Even though all this might seem true, and it is, it is not always the case. There are always those conversations that will always make sense. There will always be those people that are not a number, but a significant figure in your life. There will always be those times that the talk will be as important or of more importance than whatever it might be you are doing. Yet, with out this importance there cannot be the lack of it. Cause truly, what conversations have so little importance not to be said or heard. What person deserves to be just another number. Just because they might not seem important to someone does not necessarily mean they are not important to someone else.

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