Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power

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Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power

Adolf Hitler's rise to power began in 1919. After World War I, he joined the Nazi's and was soon in control of them. Hilter won the people's trust by saying his goals were to make Germany as powerful as it was before, if not more.

Hitler ruled Germany as a dictator from 1933-1940. His real plan was to turn Germany into a real war machine. He achieved that goal. He brought on World War II in 1939. In less than 9 months, he defeated most of Europe.

Hilter's success all began in 1936 at Rhineland. He violated the rules and promises of the Versailles Treaty. France and Belgium disagreed, but did nothing about it. Then in 1938, Hitler, again, disobeyed the rules of the treaty by annexing Austria. He claimed other parts of Europe, such as Sudetenland and part of Czchoslovakia. After making an agreement that he wouldn't claim any more territories at the Munich Conference, he took the rest of Czechoslovakia.

Joseph Stalin, from the Soviet Union, made an agreement with Adolf Hilter that they would never attack each other. This agreement was called the Nazi-Soviet Pact. Then in September of 1939, Germany went into western Europe and took over that while Stalin's group took over eastern Poland. They also took over Finland, annexed Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. The Soviet Union did this to make it's forces stronger so that they would be able to fight back if Germany ever invaded them.

Then, in Britian, the Germans went into London and attacked them in the Battle of Britian. By 1940, he gave up his Britian invasion. Now, there was a big chance that Hitler would rule the Atlantic Ocean.

Even though almost every country was happy to see him take over because they thought that Hitler was going to make their country better, he didn't. That wasn't his plan. He just wanted control and power. The more he had, the more he could get.

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