World War II

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You though the War was over…? You thought wrong! WWI was not the war to end all Wars. After the first world war ended the world was filled with corruptions and sorrow. Then to avoid these kind of devastating conflict countries began to makes leagues and treaties to make the world safer and calm. So the winners thought they did their job and made this world peaceful, but they were wrong since the losers of the war suffered from the punishment of losing and they swore revenge upon the Allies (the winners). And so brutal rulers came to power by promising to end their country’s corruption and took actions that went against the Versailles Treaty and caused yet another deadly World War.

There are many reasons that the world went to a second WWII. But the main basic reasons were that power hungry leaders like Hitler and Mussolini trying to re-build their country by means Imperialism, and taking over countries after countries to make their countries like how it once was. According to doc.1 Hitler takes over a country and thinks that he is not taking it over but he is leading that country back to its owner Germany. Another reason this world was plunged into WWII because the League of Nations failed to stop these greedy countries from taking over countries, according to doc.2 The L. of N. was just sitting there when Ethiopia came to them for help when Italy was invading their territory.

When the Axis Power was practicing their aggression, there were two responses; one was Appeasement, and the other was Collective Security. But one is more effective than the other. And I think it is the collective security. History already practiced appeasement and it didn’t really help prevent WWII, all it did was to make Germany even stronger. So I am assuming that if collective security was practiced instead then this world wouldn’t go through chaos for the second time. If collective security was the response then the Allies would have taken an immediate action when Japan, Italy and Germany were violating the Treaty of Versailles. The Allies should have taken out these brutal rulers of the Axis Power and could have prevented WWII. So in this case collective security get the job done, and doesn’t start another war.

To prevent a second war, many countries tried do a lot of things to stop it, but they were unsuccessful. And today countries formed leagues once again but this time little stronger leagues like the United Nations, to stop future wars, and once again they are failing to stop wars on this earth, the United Nations couldn’t stop the War with Iraq. So, there maybe somewhere out there a third World War that could be marching on its way, and we are defenseless.

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